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Fergal Gara potrdil, da igra Killzone: Shadow Fall zajema čez 50GB.

“The Play as you Download functionality, for example, means you don’t need the whole file before you go. This is a little bit counterbalanced by the fact the files themselves are getting bloody big. Killzone: Shadow Fall is an uber file–I think it’s cracking on for 50GB. It looks it, too, when you see it.”

uredil/a japanboy
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Presenting the Support Class

The primary ability of the Support Class is the Revive Drone, which deploys a hovering medical robot that can resuscitate critically wounded comrades. Dying team mates who accept medical treatment and are successfully revived will receive full health with additional ammo and a temporary 25% health boost. They also avoid losing a life and having to start over from the spawn point – which can make all the difference during intense matches, particularly in custom Warzones with limited lives turned on.

Unlike the Assault and Scout players, which both have three secondary abilities to choose from, the Support players can choose from five secondary abilities:

Air Support Drone

The Air Support Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that protects the area indicated by the Support player and unleashes minigun fire on any enemies that get close.

Spawn Beacon

The Spawn Beacon ability sets up a temporary in-field spawn point for team mates. Spawn Beacons can be placed almost anywhere in the map, but it takes a while to install them and they’re vulnerable to enemy fire.


The Turret ability deploys a sentry turret that will automatically target enemies in its forward facing field of view. While not indestructible, sentry turrets are ideal for guarding choke points and defending mission-critical areas.

Supply Box

This ability lets Support Class players set up a Supply Box, which team members can use to stock up on health and ammo. The box can be destroyed by enemy players.

Support Teleport

The Support Teleport ability allows Support Class players to teleport directly to a team mate in need of medical or tactical assistance. The teleportation device has a lengthy recharge time after each use.

Fulfilling the crucial supporting roles that enable other players to complete objectives and continue to fight, Support players form the backbone of any successful team. Advanced Support players will pay close attention to the flow of battle and the current mission objectives, adjusting their secondary abilities between spawns if necessary.

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Presenting the Scout Class

Today we’re happy to present the second of Killzone Shadow Fall’s three distinct multiplayer classes: the Scout Class, a much more subtle - though no less deadly - multiplayer class for players who prefer stealth over strength.

Scout players excel at catching the enemy unaware, biding their time until they see an opportunity to strike – either from very far away, or from very nearby. Armed for long-distance takedowns and clean, efficient kills, Scout players are usually difficult to spot in battle until it’s too late. Their stealth capabilities are further enhanced by the Cloak ability, which renders them all but invisible at a distance when activated. The new phase-shifting tech used for the Cloak ability does have its limits, though; it can only be used in conjunction with a combat knife, as larger weapons will disrupt the effect.

In addition to the primary Cloak ability, Scout players can choose from one of three secondary abilities:

Tactical Echo

The Tactical Echo ability lets Scout players send out a radar pulse that temporarily highlights all enemy troops and automata within range – even other Scouts using the Cloak ability. This information is then relayed to allied HUDs and radars.

Emergency Teleport

Based on the same technology that lets Spawn Beacons to teleport troops into battle, the Emergency Teleport ability allows Scout players to teleport to a random part of the map when they run into trouble. However, the teleportation device has a lengthy recharge time.

Stun Drone

The Stun Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that waits in an area until it detects an enemy nearby. When attacking, it flies directly at the enemy and detonates an E-Pulse that temporarily blinds and stuns them.

While Scout players are certainly capable of operating as lone wolves, truly effective Scouts will know when to use their abilities for the benefit of the team. The Tactical Echo ability in particular gives a tremendous advantage in combat, especially in situations where the opposing team is firmly entrenched or has several Scout players of its own.

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Presenting the Assault Class

Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer features three distinct character classes: the Assault class, the Scout class and the Support class. Each class can be enhanced with special abilities, enabling highly specialized playing styles. In the coming weeks we will examine the character classes and their unique abilities, starting with the Assault Class.

Assault players can usually be found at the forefront of battle, heading the offensive. With five punch-packing primary weapons to choose from, they can overwhelm their enemies with sheer firepower. Don’t overlook their defensive potential, either – the primary ability of the Assault Class is the Nano Shield, which allows players to deploy a temporary energy screen that block enemy attacks while letting allied projectiles through.

In addition to the primary Nano Shield ability, Assault players can choose one of three secondary abilities:

Speed Dash

The Speed Dash ability lets Assault players move faster for a short amount of time. It is very useful for seizing the initiative during mission modes where speed is of the essence, such as Search & Destroy. It can also be used to beat a hasty retreat when ammo supplies and health run low.

Stun Blast

The Stun Blast ability temporarily stuns and blinds nearby enemies, making them easier to target. It is ideal for quickly turning the tables when faced with a particularly resilient opponent, or for situations where enemies are attacking from multiple directions.

Buddy Drone

The Buddy Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that automatically attacks nearby enemies. As such, it works as an effective counter against impending brutal melee attacks. The Buddy Drone can be customized with skins.

Assault players who master their primary and secondary abilities are formidable opponents in combat, but like all classes their abilities do have counters - a well placed E-Pulse attack can be devastating against a deployed Nano Shield or Buddy Droid. Still, it’s better to avoid direct encounters with Assault players where possible.

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Killzone Shadow Fall can handle 24 enemy AIs before “framerate drops,” says Guerrilla

Previously we were limited. You could have six or seven guys on screen, only two types, and it had to be at a specific range

With the PS4 able to push more enemies on screen I asked Boltjes if there was an upper limit? “Yes. It’s about 24,” he replied, adding “but that’s just enemy AI. And there are other types of enemy AI, lots of destructibility, lots of dynamic objects. Those have much higher limits but the amount of AI is around 24″. That leads to the next obvious question of what happens when Enemy number 25 wanders onto the battlefield. The answer from Boltjes is simple: “framerate drops”. Although he’s at pains to point out that 24 enemies requires an enormous amount of power and something that just wasn’t possible before. “They’re all autonomous, they create their own effects. They’re busy little bees” he says. You’re not just getting 24 Helghans on screen, you’re also getting all their additional effects and interactions, and it’s this that means, “as soon as you push it over [24] then we get performance issues”.


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KSF Play Go datoteka bo obsegala 7.5GB. To pomeni da po tem prenosu bo možno igrat igro oz. prve nivoje brez da bi bilo potrebno prenesti celotno datoteko igre, ki bo obsegala malo manj kot 40GB.

Guerrilla Games has revealed that PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall’s PlayGo download will weigh in at 7.5GB.

In Shadow Fall’s case, the full game is 39.7GB -- but thanks to PlayGo, you’ll only have to download a portion of it to get in on the action.

Pa še nekaj o velikost igre, ki bi bila lahko mnogo "obilnejša".

“The bulk of it is textures,” van der Leeuw told me. “I think we’re probably a lot larger than the other cross-generation games, because we have no assets that have been made to a lower spec.” The size also has something to do with Shadow Fall being a much more open world than previous Killzone games. “The surface area, I’m just guessing here, must be five to ten times bigger than Killzone 3 was.”

“I think at some point the disc image that we were generating was around 180 gigs,” said van der Leeuw. “And if we would have put all the levels in, which we didn’t, because then the disc image generator broke, it would have been around 290 gigs of data.

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For players who choose to buy Killzone Shadow Fall from the PlayStation Store, Sony's new PlayGo system alleviates the game's unwieldy size - to an extent. Van der Leeuw reckons those with decent internet connections will be able to download the first 7.5GB, start playing while the second level downloads and then play that, all in a single evening - and then have the complete game downloaded by the next morning. But he acknowledges that even this could be more streamlined.

"Realistically, I think a lot of people can do this... It's just that the initial chunk of 7.5GB is quite big. I think if we would have known exactly how everything would work... I think next time around we'll try to see if we can design something that doesn't jeopardise the game which will make it even friendlier. But I think all things considered, this being launch and we've got like 2 minutes 44 from disc to the first level and no installs, I think it's already a massive improvement over previous generations."

Torej lahko še zmanjšajo PlayGo velikost! :thumbsup:

In pa še tole:

Whether played from hard disc or Blu-ray, van der Leeuw is particularly proud of how fast and seamlessly the game loads; it's been a pet project for the tech director, who hates how slow modern games have become to operate. Guerrilla has completely eliminated in-game load times after an initial 30 seconds, and removed all logos and splash screens from the game's start-up routine. It may take a while to download Killzone Shadow Fall, but once you have it, the game comes to you very quickly indeed.

"To me, that's still something that fills my heart with joy when I see it. You insert the disc and go straight to menu," he says. "People here worked very hard... We had to ask legal and Dolby, the epilepsy warning stuff, the logos from Havok - we had to negotiate with them that we could put it in the credits and not the title screen... All the rules are built around the previous generation. I'm really happy that we're one of the first ones in, and I hope it's an example that people are going to follow.

KONČNO!!! Če sem kaj sovražil je definitivno posiljevanje s temi logoti že na začetku zagona igre... :x

"I get as annoyed by all these screens as you do. I'm 36, I don't have a lot of time to game, when I do I don't want be distracted by things that have nothing to do with playing the game... We came from a day and age with a cartridge, you stuck it in and like, 'bleep!', and you were playing the game. And slowly that has degenerated into experiences which are more beautiful and big and prestigious, but they feel... heavy. To me, it's about feeling. The feeling of something that, you say play and it starts to play - it feels qualitatively beautiful."
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