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Daylight - VR

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Srhljivščina, ki pride tud na Steam za PC, je na PS4 konzolna exkluziva neodvisnih razvijalcev Zombie Studios, je verjetno po kriven spregledana na E3.

“Each time you start the game the entire world will be different; from the layout of the level, the location of items you find, and, most importantly, the encounters you stumble into,” explains Zombie Studio’s Collin Moore. “You will never have the exact same experience twice. As fans of the horror genre know, once you see a scare you never get that same feeling again. That is what we set out to solve with Daylight: give fans a way to be scared each and every time they play it.”


The game contains a “share” feature to stream gameplay to friends allowing you to “scare them.” It also makes use of the PS Eye camera to take pictures of scare moments which can also be shared.

It also makes use of RealD 3D to make things even more scary. It will have alot of “scared” in it, apparently.

Daylight will be released digitally through PS4 and PC, and is slated for Q1 2014.


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Potrjen je datum izida za igro - 8. april. Podpirala bo tudi 3D ter Oculus Rift.

Daylight uses RealD3D tech so it'll be fully 3D compatible out of the box. "Catching an overhead light flicker down an incredibly long corridor is one of the more chilling 3D applications... until you come across a spirit, that is," Atlus said. The game also supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.


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Crafted by a small team at Zombie, Daylight follows the frightened footsteps of Sarah Gwynn as she works her way through a series of haunting environs. While many horror games rely on finely tuned scares specific to the moment, Daylight uses procedurally generated play to keep every moment fresh. Levels and scares change for each player, meaning that no two sessions will be identical. And no player will know exactly when that foreboding whisper will turn into a howling spectre hungry for Sarah’s life.


In Daylight, players have no weapons – only flares to fend off the supernatural powers at work in the hospital. Sarah’s only hope is escape. Not fighting for her life, but running for it. And Daylight involves a lot of breathless running, as players guide Sarah through the labyrinthine corridors and thick forests in hope of finding a way home. Collecting items (often in the form of creepy notes) will progress the story forward, and inch players one step closer to the end.







PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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