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Deep bo podvodna večigralska avantura za do 4 igralce. V družbi z naveč štirimi ribicami boš odkrival globine oceana s pomočjo svetlobe. Z zbiranjem planktona boš vzdrževal svetlobo s katero boš vplival na okolico. S povečanjem svetilnosti boš prestrašil nekatere napadalce druge pa bo močna svetloba privabljala, tako, da bo potrebno spretno upravljanje z močjo svetlobe.


We initially envisioned Deep as Rayman Origins meets Finding Nemo; but you could also look at it as Castle Crashers meets Ecco the Dolphin. We're looking to make an adventure platformer; faster than a stealth game, but not as hectic as an arcade game. The exciting thing about developing the game for ourselves (and for you guys) is that we can take it any direction we want, only limited by the OUYA itself and popular demand.

We've chosen the OUYA for a few key reasons, and designed our game around these elements:

- The HDMI output and TV screen offers much higher resolution than smaller phones and tablets - we want to use this to create a more immersive and visually stunning game.

- The OUYA supports up to 4 controllers (and maybe more in the future); as fans of classic living room gaming, the competitive/cooperative aspects of older multiplayer games is something we think the OUYA (and our game) is perfect for.

- The OUYA has a high level of accessibility for both consumers and developers - as students, we don't need to apply for any expensive or complex licenses; combined with the $99/£99 retail, this makes it affordable for both us and customers.

- OUYA is directly supported by Unity, an engine we're all already familiar with, and that many universities have access to. There are no complex new development tools or languages to learn, meaning we can put our creativity to work as soon as possible.

- The free-to-play aspect of any game on OUYA makes it a great testing ground for amateur, professional, and rising developers, letting us experiment and innovate with games and styles of play.




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