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E3 2014

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E3 Expo 2014 se bo letos odvijal od 10 do 12 junija v Los Angelesu. Kaj bo videno oz. kaj se pričakuje še ni znano se pa tu pa tam že šušlja. Najbrž pa bo težko prekosil lanskega, ko se je lansiralo Xbox One in PS4. Še vedno pa ni znano ali se bo Nintendo udeležil E3ja kot 2012 ali kot lani.


Datumi/časi konferenc:

EA - 9.junij ob 22:00

UBISOFT - 9.junij ob 24:00

MICROSOFT - 9.junij ob 18:30

SONY - 9. junij ob 3:00 (v noči iz ponedeljka na torek zjutraj)


Povezave za spremljanje konferenc:


Uradni kanal

in twitch.


EAjeva uradna spletna stran E3.


US PS ali Ustream PS. ali PS E3 eu blog z odštevalnikom.

Spodaj je potrjena lista razstavljalcev do sedaj.


Xbox uradna stran, na Xbox oz. Spike TV.

Pa še nekaj zanimivih in vsekakor koristnih povezav s strani matej1990.

Lista vseh razvijalcev.

Tema se bo posodabljala z linki, kjer bo možno spremljati konference, ki bodo na sporedu še pred E3jem, torej tiste večjih založnikov ala. MS, Sony, Ubisoft...

Tule pa prilagam izjemno uporaben link, matej1990, za E3 2013. Vsaj dosti stvari glede povezav, kje bo prenos bo podobnih tako da ni za spregledat.

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Tabela konferenc


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N je nekaj pravil o tem, da želijo naredit 3DS in WiiU bolj kot "brata". Tako, da se mogoče da obetat celo kkšn cross-play, kakšen 3DS player za WiiU ali kaj podobnega. Osebno si še najbolj želim, da bodo poenotil eStore in da bi lahko VC špile začel na WiiUju in nato nadaljeval na poti na 3DSu. Ampak verjetno smo še daleč od tega, da bi nam Nintendo tehnološko olepšal življenja. :/


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EA je prvi od "večjih" objavil datum in čas prenosa svoje konference. Zgodila se bo 9. junija ob 22:00 uri (če sem prav pretvoril, če ne naj me kdo prosim popravi, da ne bo kdo zamudil).

The publisher will showcase upcoming products to media at 1:00PM PT on June 9, according to IGN.

The event is usually livestreamed, either by EA itself or a media partner.

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Datum in čas svoje konference je objavil še drugi od velikanov - UBISOFT. Konferenca se bo zgodila 9. junija ob 3 p.m. po LAjevem času oz ob 24:00 po srednjeevropskem času, če sem pretvoril pravilno (če nisem naj me kdo prosim popravi).

Sicer pa bomo za čase tako ali tako še pravočasno vse preverili, da ne bo kdo kaj česa zamudil.

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Capcom bo oznanil novo igro na E3. Nikjer ni bilo dobesedno omenjeno da gre za RE 7, se pa špekulira da to najbrž je RE 7.

Japanese publication Sankei Shinbum has reported that Capcom will unveil Resident Evil 7 for PlayStation 4 at E3 in June (via DualShockers).

While Resident Evil 7 wasn’t explicitly mentioned by Capcom, the article mentions that an ‘important game’ will be announced by the firm at the Los Angeles-based games convention.

In addition, it states that Capcom is expected the game to shift 5.6 million copies worldwide.

PS4 was the only platform mentioned, but that doesn’t rule out an Xbox One release; Japanese media typically only mentions PlayStation platforms when it comes to the mainstream press reports.


Assassin's Creed Unity

Some attendees at the Destination PlayStation retailer-only event said that Ubisoft brought the most surprising goods at the show, and a glimpse on that might have just been leaked today by industry insider Shinobi602, who normally has a good track record with what his sources tell him.

Za E3 naj bi bila načrtovana 2 demota, 1 za enoigralski način, drugi pa za 4 igralni CO-OP.

Shinobi, that clarified that is source is “not an article,” also mentioned that co-op won’t be like what we saw in the previous games, and it’ll be a campaign with a “separate narrative” compared to the dedicated single player story mode. He also explained that, like last year, we’ll see the two demos in two different conference. He finally explained that co-op in the single player campaign may be a possibility for the future.


Sonyjeva ekskluziva DriveClub naj bi prav tako dobila gameplay na E3.

Luckily industry insider Tidux has some rumors for us. Tidux has already demonstrated quite a few times to know what happens behind Sony’s (a bit leaky) iron courtain, especially by dropping a lot of details on the PS4′s UI and operating system before they were disclosed. Today he shared some more information.

When asked for further details on whether The Last Guardian or Driveclub will be showcased, he answered:


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Uncharted 4

Okoli te igre se zadnje čase dviguje veliko "prahu" predvsem zaradi kadra, ki "stoji" za razvojem igre. Sicer je tole kot zgoraj govorica oz. je treba te informacije jemati z rezervo.

Industry insider Tidux, that already proved in the past to be well positioned to know what’s happening at Sony by leaking several elements about the PS4 UI and operating system before they were disclosed, took it upon himself to check on whether the game is going to be shown at E3, and came back with good news:

Uncharted 4 gameplay at E3. Game has been in the works for almost 3 years.

Glede DriveCluba pa mešani signali.

When he was asked if he was sure that there’s going to be gameplay on show or it was just wishful thinking, he confirmed that it’s going to be gameplay.

On the other hand Tidux also mentioned that he’s hearing ”a lot of mixed signals when it comes to DriveClub right now,” so we’ll have to wait and see what will happen with that one.


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Nintendo letos ponovno ne bo imel E3 konference!


Instead, Nintendo will showcase its wares in a special "Digital Event" to be streamed online at 1pm UK time on Tuesday, 10th June.

The broadcast will "reveal and provide further detail about the gaming experiences on the way for Nintendo platforms in 2014 and beyond," the company teased.

In addition, Nintendo will host a Smash Bros. Wii U invitational tournament for top-rated players which will take place at the show itself and be streamed online.

Finally, "Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3" will offer constant live game demos from Nintendo's booth "during all hours" of E3.



PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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Nekaj speljanih podrobnosti o Sonyjevi konferenci...


  • Uncharted PS4 3 Minute Trailer showcasing ”In-engine” footage interspersed with gameplay segments. Visuals are supposedly unprecedented and set a benchmark for console graphics. Summer 2015 release date. It looks absolutely stellar. Features tropical setting and differing time periods with Nate/Francis.
  • Media Molecule’s new title will be a landmark title for Morpheus. 3D world building, beautiful, quirky visuals.Extremely creative and fun. Possibly related to the ”Entwined” trademark filed last week by SCE (not sure). Late 2015.
  • Gran Turismo 6 is coming to PS4 as 1080p 60FPS repackaged title in the vein of Gran Turismo 7: Prologue. Stunning visuals, extra features (social connectivity, new tracks, dlc etc). Coming mid-late 2015.
  • God of War 4 teaser will be present – will be CG with snippets of in-engine footage. A little early for reveal, but is designed to offset negativity surrounding canceled new IP and generate excitement – also to partially offset CG announce of Gears of War at Microsoft presser. Late 2015. Date wont be announced.
  • Kill Strain trademark is related to Syphon Filter reboot for PS4. Sony Bend working on revamping the franchise. Stealth, beautiful visuals and a possible Winter 2014 title. Bend finally getting to join the big boys.
  • Wipeout is also making the transition to PS4. Source is unsure of who is developing it, but hints that it could be Sony London, Evolution, or Firesprite.
  • Quantic Dream has a trailer prepared – unsure whether it is penciled in for Gamescom or E3. Sony will be watching Microsoft’s presser earlier in the day to gauge whether additional titles will need to be slotted in to dampen hype. Expect Dark Sorcerer- like visuals in real time. Off-topic, but still relevant – they are close to deal to become a Worldwide Studios developer, along with Ready At Dawn.
  • Speaking of Ready At Dawn, The Order:1886 will get a stage demo. Big title for Fall 2014. Sony is expecting great things from said title – franchise hopes rest on its performance.
  • Ninja Theory working on a PS4 exclusive – possible Heavenly Sword sequel which was shelved a number of years ago. Quite far into development.
  • Sony London will be at E3. First AAA title in many years. 3rd person title. Gorgeous. They’re back with a bang,
  • Guerrilla Games bringing their RPG to E3. Provocative setting – very interesting. Insane visuals as usual. A good reaction to the title is expected. Will please the hardcore.
  • Sucker Punch busy at work on an inFAMOUS: Second Son DLC. Really cool. New powers. Possible new setting. E3 debut.
  • Sony Japan Studios debuting two, maybe even three titles. Project Beast – spiritual successor to Demon Souls. The other is The Last Guardian. Retooled for PS4, possible Winter 2014 title. The Other title is shrouded in secrecy.
  • Evolution will give Driveclub some time in the limelight. It’s shaping up to be incredible with jaw-dropping visuals. Demo release will be timed with the press conference.


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