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It’s a game without limits. If you see a mountain, you can trek there. From that mountain, if you see another planet hanging on the horizon, that’s a real place, with its own ecology. You can get in your ship, fly into space and it’s yours to explore. Not just that, but every star in the sky is just the light of a sun, with its own solar system waiting for you to discover and adventure in.


Getting into fights with pirates, attacking space stations, discovering life I never knew existed.


We’ve designed hundreds of new procedural systems that have led to new forms of life, new patterns of vegetation and amazing geological formations.



PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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Exactly... Random auto generated svetovi ki se bodo oblikovno ponavljali in jih boš imel že do vrha glave ko jih boš obiskal 100. Edina dobra stvar tega špila je da bo za "zgled" bodočim open world špilom. Recimo kakšen Mass effect na tak način potovanja iz planeta na planet bi bil vreden igranja, do takrat pa bodo taki špili še v povojih in ne bodo obetali prav veliko, vsaj zame ne.

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V enem izmed interviujev je razvijalec večkrat povdaril, da ni "random" generacije temveč je procedural, torej ne bo kaotično nesmislenih-nezanimivh svetov. Pomoje bo to spominjalo na minecraft with a spice of space.

Se pa teoretično sliši navdse zanimivo ter ambiciozno (preveč za majhen studio?)

Bo treba počakat bližje releasu, ker zaenkrat niti pravega gameplaya nimamo.

Vsekakor zna biti time-sink igra. Seveda pa se vsake s časom naveličaš....

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Details from Game Informer’s upcoming cover story on No Man’s Skyhave seeped onto the internet and have been compiled by Gematsu, allowing fans to learn a great deal about the upcoming sci-fi title.

The main goal of the game is to get to the center of the galaxy, however, this could take anywhere from 40 to 100 hours, depending on how many side projects the player wants to pursue first. Apparently, players will start on a random planet, with some planets being dangerous and others being calm and peaceful. Players can then go to their spaceship, and from that, they are free to travel to a plethora of other planets in search of resources or points of interest.

Finding resources can be financially beneficial, as can raiding other ships and doing some smart trading with various trading posts. Gaining currency in No Man’s Sky is essential, as the ships run on fuel and will require new parts, like a new hyperdrive, to get to far away planets and solar systems.

In terms of attacking other ships to get currency, it looks like combat in the upcoming game will be fairly strategic. Players will have to choose which ships to attack first, such as choosing between smaller, lighter vessels or heavier, shielded ones. If players try to attack ships to gain money, however, then it could alert the police and a bounty could be placed on the player’s head.

During combat, players may escape their ship via an escape pod if they think the battle will not end well. Money and personal upgrades will be kept, but the player will have to purchase another ship.

All in all, it looks like No Man’s Sky will be a pretty extensive game when it releases in 2015 on the PlayStation 4 and the PC. What do you think about all this new info? Are you excited for the title’s release?

[source: NeoGAF, Reddit via Gematsu]

PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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30 zanimivih podatkov o igri:

  1. No Man’s Sky’s universe is infinite.
  2. You can only have one ship.
  3. You can’t customize your ship — but you can find one that you like.
  4. Earth isn’t present, but you might find something close to it.
  5. You can play with your friends (although Murray’s previously said not to think of it as a multiplayer game).
  6. You can take pictures.
  7. You can swim underwater.
  8. You can chop down a tree.
  9. You can choose to be a pacifist (although that doesn’t mean someone — or something — won’t attack you).
  10. Some planets are the size of Earth.
  11. You might visit a “dud” planet.
  12. You have a health bar.
  13. You can land on asteroids.
  14. The game features black holes.
  15. You will sometimes get bored playing it.
  16. It has no downloadable content.
  17. You can’t select the gender of your character.
  18. Not all planets can sustain life.
  19. You can’t collect plants.
  20. You can’t build a shelter.
  21. You can’t teleport to your ship.
  22. You can’t build a space station.
  23. It has a shop.
  24. It has no nonplayer characters.
  25. You can’t terraform a planet.
  26. You can’t destroy a planet.
  27. You face many objective markers.
  28. You won’t notice any gravity differences between planets — your suit compensates.
  29. You can’t reach the edge of the universe: “You can go into the darkness for as long as you want.”
  30. You can’t ride a dinosaur.

PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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