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Project Giant Robot

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Izid igre je načrtovan za prvo polovico 2015.

Project Giant Robot lets players use the touch screen to build a giant robot. Once complete, the GamePad becomes a cockpit from which players control the robot as they try to knock opponents over. A unique combination of button and motion control adds leverage and momentum to their robotic punches.

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Topple Your Opponent Before You Get Toppled

Design your own massive robot and then jump into the cockpit to do battle against massive

opponents. Your objective is simple: Topple your opponent before you get toppled.


The Wii U GamePad controller view puts you at the helm of a giant robot as you try to knock opponents over. You’ll be towering over skyscrapers in your enormous combat machine.

Each screen – one on the TV and one on the GamePad – provides just a piece of the experience, so players are encouraged to use both perspectives depending on their strategy. Use motion controls in the cockpit view displayed on the GamePad to target opponents, while the full-scale of the battle unfolds on the TV screen. The TV view shows a zoomed-out third-person perspective, almost as if it were a news camera covering an unexpected battle among giant beasts.

Unique controls let you tilt the GamePad to control your robot’s upper torso, while the left and right control sticks control your robot’s left and right arms. You’ll need to synchronize your upper torso movement to land punches with strong momentum to topple enemy robots. You can also use motion controls to aim and fire powerful laser beams at enemy weak spots or at enemies on the ground.

Start off by using the GamePad touch screen to build the perfect robot by choosing different parts and editing its head, arms, torso, legs and feet. A tiny head might make your robot a harder target, but if its legs are too short, you’ll move slower.


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Reggie :D


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Torej igra je ukinjena.


Nintendo finally confirmed that the project, which never actually received a proper name, has been cancelled. Polygon contacted the company to verify why the game was missing from the most recent earnings report, and was provided with a statement.



“We made this decision after considering our overall product and development strategy,” Nintendo told the site.

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