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The PLAYROOM is back with SET MAKER (Working Title), a new tool which lets you customise your living room and show your talent to the world. Use your tablet or smartphone to create funky banners and holographic billboards, wear funny masks, add your own music and special effects and be the star of your own TV show, beamed directly to "Live From PlayStation®". Have you got what it takes to become an internet sensation? Then download SET MAKER - coming to THE PLAYROOM this Summer, only on PlayStation®4.


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The PlayRoom is a casual video game that is a collection of augmented reality mini-games. It was developed by SCE Japan Studio, comes pre-loaded on all PlayStation 4 consoles, and is meant to demonstrate the use of the PlayStation Camera and the DualShock 4 controller. The PlayStation Camera accessory is required to play The Playroom.



  • Play with Asobi - Asobi is a pet-like robot that can be summoned by rubbing the Touch Pad. Players can interact with Asobi in various ways, and Asobi has the ability to recognize different people through facial recognition. Asobi is an evolution of the previous Sony Computer Entertainment title, EyePet.
  • AR Bots - AR Bots is a minigame that places thirty robots in the DualShock 4 controller screen. Players can interact with the robots through the controller, utilizing the motion sensor. The robots can also be displayed on the television instead of the controller screen by gesturing up on the touch pad.
  • Air Hockey - Air Hockey uses two controllers to augment a virtual play field in front of the players. The motion sensor stretches the play field, and the touch pad is used to control the paddles to return the ball. The first player who scores seven points wins the game.



  • Toy Maker - Toy Maker is free downloadable content for The Playroom which allows users to use tablets, smartphones or PlayStation Vita to interact with AR Bots. Players can create a two dimensional drawing which will become a three dimensional toy for the AR Bots to play with.
  • My Alien Buddy - The alien buddy is a deformable toy with which the player can interact.
  • Ninja Bots - A DLC game in which the player controls a ninja AR Bots, evading traps and firing shuriken.



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