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Igra bo na voljo za PS4, Xbox One, PC in MAC. Točen datum izida še ni znan, je bila pa igra prvotno najavljena za prve mesece 2015.



Igra bo prelivala 3D in 2D. Bo pa mešanica avanture in reševanja ugank.

The adventure game uses 3D objects and characters in 3D environments, but projects 2D hand-drawn art on top of it all. Players will be tasked with exploring the enviroment, listening to dialogue, and talking to other characters to solve puzzles as 16-year old Noah and his six-year old sister Renie, each of whom have different abilities. Their sidekick caterpillar Spot will also play an important role.


V igri bomo upravljali dva glavna lika - Noah in Renie. Pomemben pa bo tudi pomočnik Spot.


Silence will feature two playable characters – Noah and Renie – as well as an important sidekick named Spot. Noah and Renie will both come with different abilities, which players need to consider in order to solve puzzles.

Spot will be accompanying both characters. When players switch freely between Noah and Renie, Spot will run over to the chosen character as well. He’ll be able to shift his shape into all kinds of things, and thus can be used just like a Swiss army knife to be the piece that was missing to solve a puzzle. Besides, he can explore his environment on his own, and will mostly come up with a very individual reaction, even depending on the current shape he’s exploring the world in. This way, he’ll shed additional light on things – and cause some cute moments.

Za kaj se gre v igri.

Now what’s this all for? Well, the game will take you to a fantasy world – Silence, or sometimes also called The Whispered World – from which Noah and Renie will have to escape. Noah has been to this world once before, but he didn’t know it still existed. He knows that it’s a beautiful place only on first sight. What he doesn’t know yet, though, is that Silence has turned into a more hostile place since he visited it last time. It will be Noah’s task to save Renie from this place – and to find out how and why the Whispered World has managed to keep existing.



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