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Guitar Hero Live

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Ponovna obuditev nekoč slavne Guitar Hero igre. Tokrat malo drugače.

The game will serve as a reboot of the Guitar Hero franchise, being the first new entry in the series since Warriors of Rock in 2010. Guitar Hero Live will introduce major changes to the core gameplay and experience of the Guitar Hero franchise:

  • a revamped guitar controller with a new, 6-button layout
  • a new in-game presentation style that utilizes full motion video, simulating a real-world concert setting from the perspective of the guitarist
  • a new Guitar Hero TV mode to encompass multiplayer and curated playlists in the style of television music channels.


Na videu je zelo dobro viden prvo osebni pogled igre, ki je eden izmed highlightov Guitar Hero reboota.

Nova kitara:


With the new, heavier guitar controller featuring two rows of three buttons, the way notes fly at you on screen has changed. Instead of five rows of multi-colored notes, you have just three rows in Live, with each note coming in two colors: black (top row) and white (bottom row).

According to Creative Director Jamie Jackson, “If you come at it from a purist’s point of view, [the buttons are] probably the biggest change.”

Noting that there was a lot of head-scratching and prototyping when changing the controls, he added, “I hope the purists see there is a lot of fun there. And I hope they also see it will give them something to learn again. If I have a new game, I don’t want to just go straight in at the top. I want to learn. I want to have an experience of feeling like I’ve made my way to the top.”


Nova "avtocesta" not, z živo publiko v ozadju. Odzivi publike bodo odvisni kako dobro igraš.


Guitar Hero Live also includes GHTV, a 24-hour playable music video network. You tune in to channels that run music video shows curated by FreeStyleGames. You can then jump in to play, matchmaking with other players in competitive high score battles. If you don't fancy the song that's on, you can change channels until you find something more to your taste. Otherwise, you can play a song "on demand" as often as you'd like.

Igro razvijajo pri FreeStyleGames (DJ Hero, DJ Hero 2) za PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 in Xbox One.

Izid bi se naj zgodil še to jesen.

Trenutno so potrjene pesmi teh izvajalcev: The Black Keys, Blitz Kids, Ed Sheeran, Fall Out Boy, Gary Clark, Jr., Green Day, The Killers, The Lumineers, My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, The Rolling Stones, Skrillex in The War on Drugs.

Kompatibilnosti s starejšimi inštrumenti/igrami/DLCji NE bo.

GH Live spletna stran


PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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Razkritih je 24 skladb iz igre:

  • The Black Keys - "Gold on the Ceiling"
  • Blitz Kids - "Sometimes"
  • Ed Sheeran - "Sing"
  • Fall Out Boy - "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)"
  • Gary Clark, Jr. - "Don't Owe You a Thang"
  • Green Day - "Nuclear Family"
  • The Killers - "When You Were Young"
  • The Lumineers - "Ho Hey"
  • My Chemical Romance - "Na Na Na"
  • Pierce the Veil - "King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn)"
  • The Rolling Stones - "Paint it Black"
  • Skrillex - "Bangarang"
  • The War on Drugs - "Under the Pressure"
  • Black Veil Brides - "In The End"
  • Rage Against the Machine - "Guerrilla Radio"
  • Judas Priest - "Breaking the Law"
  • Pantera - "Cowboys From Hell"
  • Sleigh Bells - "Bitter Rivals"
  • System of a Down - "Chop Suey!"
  • Alter Bridge - "Cry of Achilles"
  • Alt-J - "Left Hand Free"
  • Broken Bells - "Leave It Alone"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Higher Ground"
  • The Pretty Reckless - "Going to Hell"

Kaj hudiča dela Skrillex na playlisti mi ni jasno. :headscratch:

PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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