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Izid igre je napovedan za zgodnji začetek 2016.


E3 2015 napovednik:


Očitno bo to zaključek trilogije.

Referred to as the series' "final episode".


Na čelo igre pa bo zopet stopil Hidetaka Miyazaki.

As previously reported, this will mark series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki's return to the director's chair after he stepped away from Dark Souls 2 to helm Bloodborne.


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Igra ne bo zadnja v seriji, ampak bo zgolj "turning point" v franšizi.

VideoGamer.com sat in on an E3 roundtable interview session with the game’s director, who clarified that the third entry was “not the final product for the Dark Souls series”, but rather a turning point for the franchise, as well as its developer From Software.


E3 2015 live coverage:




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Nekaj zanimivih dejstev o igri:

  • This is the first time they go exclusively next-gen.
  • Miyazaki has taken the lead and we all expect his vision to come through in the title.
  • There are three focus points: sense of world scale and immersion, apocalyptic world and heroic lore, and evolution and deepening of the series concept
  • The Story revolves around the Lord(s) of Cinder, the iconic hero role from the series: a lord killing dark hero image. The player is dark hero who tries to hunt the lords down in the game.
  • Two Classes available in demo: Wandering Knight and Northern warrior (Depicted in the artwork below)
    L2 is “Arts/Parry.” You have two stances with your shield, offensive and defensive. Selecting offensive will cause you to use a battle art, rather than parry. From the loading screen:

Arts are unique to a weapon held in right hand or both hands. equip a kite round shield or wield two handed to perform arts. Some arts can be followed up with a special attack

Parries are exclusive to small shields in left hand. Follow up with RB for riposte critical

  • There is a sword symbol under health bar with a number – this is the number of times you can use Weapon Arts, and so is like bullets in Bloodborne (only much more powerful!) and possibly a replacement for the mana bar we saw.
  • Gestures in English is “wave,” not “beckon”, see the Gestures page for details.
  • Poise may determine the length you are staggered when hit, not IF you are staggered, but this has not been confirmed, it was audience observation from myself and those around me.
  • First boss is called Dancer of the Frigid Valley , looks to be wearing a bride’s veil, unfolds sense from ceiling. Extremely tall
  • Dancer boss is unique, not used before in series. The objective was a thin, distorted silhouette and movements hard to predict. She uses flame sword first, and in second part of battle she pulls a second, the “ash sword.”
  • The second boss that looks like a wirey knight in silver armor that almost crawls like a beast on the ground, attacking with his sword (It is rumored you can find him in the Gamescom demo, but only one person has found the level hint)
  • Matchmaking: Dedicated Servers, but no cross-platform. More details were not given.
  • An intersting addition to the “Lords of Cinder” vs “Lord of Cinder” discussion, a loading screen reads:

I found a small grave/shrine and have the option to offer flame. It tells me the epitaph: “Grave of a nameless retainer. Raised his sword for the Lord of Cinder”

  • Having a dragon in the opening stage is one of Miyazaki-san’s favorites. Near the start we see a dead dragon. The Dragon used to be a guardian of this castle, but a lot of dragons have died. Ashes are floating up from the corpse of the dragon.
  • Torch – player can use as much as they want unlike previous versions
  • Gravestones: In DKS 3 gravestones are in various locations. You can “add flame” – use as a marker, or as lighting. Epitaphs give more of the back story, maybe resembling the Lore Notes of Bloodborne.
  • There is a “Ready stance” – it can launch a special attack that will allow player to break through enemy shield – one of the battle arts, seen in the screenshots below.
    You can use the environment against enemy groups – for example, have the dragon burn a large group of enemies
  • Greatswords have their own battle arts – lunge dash, depicted below in the images.
  • Miyazaki wants knights to be strong characters again, having got weaker earlier in series. Knights will move differently when equipped with different weapons.
  • Barrels – will explode! Throw firebombs on them. Another way to use environment against enemy groups
  • Player character moves faster than previous games
  • Bow can be used in combination with rolling and steps, as depicted below in the screenshots
  • Another weapon is the scimitar – which supports dual wielding. Its weapon art is “Spin”, shown below in the Screenshots

Pa še nekaj screenshotov:






Tole dual wield orožje "scimitar" bo verjetno moja prva izbira. Weapon art "Spin" zgleda hudo :rock:






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Ja tale build z dual wield orozjem zna bit zanimiv, vrtes pointe v STR/SKL da dobis na LHW/RHW dmg pa delas dupli dmg.

Moj prvi run bo kar klasika se pravi mec.

Sicer pa ni ga builda ki bi bil slab so samo dobri in boljsi. :) Tako da eksperimintiranja bo dovolj.

Drkam dalje.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Nekaj informacij o spremembah v gameplayu in magic spelih:

In a preview for the upcoming digital issue, Game Informer revealed a few concepts that everyone can expect to see return in Dark Souls 3. While the game is shaping up to be an amalgam of all the games From has released since Demon’s Souls, these are the gameplay features we know will carryover:

  • Fast travel is available from the get go as it was in Dark Souls 2. Those hoping for a return to the Lordvessel will have to wait.
  • Stat reallocation will also make an appearance. While not necessarily the same Soul Vessel item as in Dark Souls 2, the option will be there according to director Hidetaka Miyazaki.
  • New Game Plus is back to no one’s surprise. Similar to Dark Souls 2’s New Game Plus, enemy placements will change, and new items will be available. Bonfire ascetics however will not be returning.
  • Durability will be tweaked making equipment not as brittle as in 2, but not as unbreakable as in Dark Souls.
  • Summonings and invasions will not be changed to mimic Bloodborne. Matching will be based on Soul Level again and not Soul Memory. They will remain the same familiar process, but invasions will no longer require the use of a consumable item that must be farmed.
  • Illusory walls are back, again unsurprisingly. Activating them will go back to the prior methods of attacking rather than pressing an interact button. It is Miyazaki’s wish to go back to the feeling of accidental discovery.


Yes, yes, this is a biggie and it’s been on everyone’s mind recently. What can we expect to see in magic for this iteration? Certain spell staples will return from past games but expect to see more differentiation between spells, especially as your character progresses. But Miyazaki had this to say further:

"We will make sure that they are not just the same type of spells with different attributes (i.e. Spear type, lightning type) but actually have specific characteristics that can enhance the players’ play styles and strategies,” Miyazaki says. “Players will be able to have more criteria to accurately choose the different types of spells to best fit their tactics and strategies. This is similar to the thinking behind the characterization of each weapon and their specific battle arts."

So players will be able to approach magic in a fashion similar to weapon arts, adding a layer of complexity and choice when deciding which spells to include in a build.As we told you back at gamescom The MP bar from Demon’s Souls is coming back. Read that again. Read it once more. Now hear this from the Miyazaki himself:

"By changing the magic management system to an MP scheme, options and freedom of utilization should increase. This way we can better clarify the differences in managing items and magic."

As we predicted back in August, no more recharges at a bonfire, players will be able to replenish their spells on the fly via item usage. Perhaps we can also expect to see a return of the MP regen items such as Crescent weaponry, and this humble author’s personal favorite, the Phosphorescent Pole. This will be quite the concept to acclimate to for those fans of the series who have not had an opportunity to play Demon’s Souls.An interesting melange so far of old and new, we’ll continue to keep you updated on all the new info as it comes out until the game releases sometime next year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Praise the sun! In case you weren't selected for the Dark Souls 3 network stress test that operated for a few short hours last weekend, here's a 30-minute video bringing you up to speed on all of the content contained in the 3GB PSN download. It's based on an early build of course, but the play-through gives us a good first impression on where From Software is now directing its series.



As a quick summary: our unnamed Wandering Knight arrives at the High Wall of Lothric, a bright course of castle pathways cluttered with undead sentries and dormant dragons. After an ordeal working our way downwards, we find a grimy burg area - the central plaza of which calls to mind Bloodborne's gothic Yharnam area. From there, a frosty mini-boss rounds out the content.


Crucially, the inventory screen is blanked out, and new items are salvaged ad-hoc. However, between its four pre-made characters, there are still plenty of weapons and spells to try out (most of which are included in the video). Among them are the go-to Wandering Knight, an axe-wielding Northern Warrior, plus the more magic-centric Academy Assassin class, whose long-range Souls Arrows are shamelessly abused in this video.


After the furious pace of Bloodborne, it's fair to say that returning to Dark Souls 3's defensive style takes some adapting to. As before, your prospects hang on a limited stock of Estus Flasks (which replenish at bonfires) and there are no other consumables in sight. Controls also owe a small debt to From Software's last work. Movement is slightly faster than usual Souls fare, but don't let that fool you; charging into new areas without a shield raised won't get you far.


PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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