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Beyond Eyes

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Igra bo najprej izšla na Xbox One.

DescriptionA modern fairy tale about finding courage and friendship. Step by step, uncover an incredible world, carefully guiding Rae, a young blind girl, on a life changing journey. First to console on Xbox One.


E3 2015 napovednik:






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O kul, igra bo izšla tudi na PS4 in sicer 8.9.. Ja, jutri! Mislim da je to zame spet obvezni nakup. Cena: £9.99/€12.99

Rae isn’t like most other girls. She lost her eyesight in a childhood accident and the experience has left her traumatised. Fearing loud noises and public places, she hardly ever leaves the comfort of her own house, taking comfort in the company of Nani, a cat which comes to visit Rae in her garden.

However, one day Nani unfortunately goes missing, leaving you to guide Rae on her moving journey to be reunited with Nani and guard her from any danger she may encounter along the way.


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PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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