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Igra bo na voljo za Projekt Morfej.

Guerrila Cambridge is actually the developer responsible for this title. The first-person shooter (FPS) is called RIGS and is described as ‘epsorts Morpheus style’. SCE’s Andrew House announced the title. Guerrilla Cambridge is previously known for creating Killzone: Mercenary. A brief gameplay clip was seen in which a player was duel wielding a weapon.

E3 2015 napovednik:



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It’s all your favourite sports in one futuristic arena

RIGS is a first-person, arena based shooter set 50 years into the future and is a collision of all different sports – there’s elements of motorsport, shooting, basketball and others that come together to create this combat league where the rigs are the heroes.

It’s all about the drama, knocking an opponent rig out of the air when they’re going to score, getting the big saves or scoring a last minute goal to win for your team.

We’ve taken elements from real sports that create tension, when it’s all on a knife-edge; the last minute goal, the saves and blocks – we’re inspired by the games that give you those moments.

You’re in the driver’s seat of enormous mech sports heroes

The rigs aren’t just robots, they’re driven by you. You’re in control, and you really get that sense of size and presence when you’re inside Morpheus.

Head movement is a big part of how you control the rigs – in the game mode we’re showing at E3, that’s how players steer the mechs and use their aim. You can scan the skies and see other rigs, or change direction quickly. But ultimately, we’ll offer a choice of control schemes so people can take charge of their mech and be comfortable within the game.

We’ve made the Dualshock controls as natural and familiar as possible, so players can focus on what’s happening inside the Morpheus headset. We’re not going to overload you with controls, we’re stripping it right back to just what you need to compete inside the arena.

You can choose your rig and play your way

Matches are 3-on-3, and the rigs come in different forms with different specialities. There’s the Hunter, the Mirage and the Tempest. Tempest is a lightweight flying rig, Mirage is a tall, agile rig that can double-jump and Hunters are small, fast rigs that can get through gaps quickly.

Different game modes mean more ways to play

At E3 we’re showing a game called Power Slam, where you take out opponents to collect power orbs and send your rig into overdrive – which makes you run faster, shoot more powerfully and regenerate health faster. Most importantly, when you’re in overdrive you can jump through the hoop to score a goal and get points on the scoreboard. It’s kind of like basketball with guns.

Večinoma gre za multiplayer zadeve, ampak bo igra vsebovala tudi solo igranje.

PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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