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PlayStation VR Worlds - VR

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Pri London Studio so se odločili, da bodo prvotne PS VR demote dodelali in jih zapakirali v en paket, poimenovan PlayStation VR Worlds.



Igra zajema 5 različnih izkušenj/mini iger:

  • The London Heist puts you straight into a gritty gangland thriller where you get to unleash your inner mobster. Dual PS Moves are a natural accompaniment to PS VR (N.B. this experience also supports PS DS4) and here provide brilliantly intuitive controls that let anyone play. Totally immersive throughout, you undertake an audacious robbery and then try to make your escape.
  • Into The Deep (working title) puts you to work as a deep sea salvor, in this underwater emotional roller coaster. Not only do you get to see fantastic marine life all around you but as you descend through the ocean layers to the inky depths you will experience the true terror of something going badly wrong.
  • VR Luge lets you step into the jump suit of an illegal street racer. Thunder down a beautiful Californian hillside, only inches off the ground in a position that only VR can put you in. You will truly feel the exhilaration as you dodge cars coming at you with horns blaring or when you slide underneath a massive 18-wheel truck.
  • Danger Ball is a futuristic sport where you must win or die. Use your head to strike and spin the ball in this intense, fast paced game. Each rival has unique abilities to use against you as you make your way through the tournament to become champion.
  • Scavenger’s Odyssey
    In this sci-fi adventure you play an alien treasure hunter. With your agile craft you can leap huge distances, climb walls, hurl debris with your Scavenger beam and pummel alien critters with your twin pulse cannons. With your unique vehicle you will be able to make your way through a dangerous environment of giant ravaged ships, smashing asteroids to reach an ancient and legendary artifact.

PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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