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Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

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The game is a hybrid of both first-person and third-person perspectives, and sees members of the Umbrella Corporation battling it out against each other while mixing it up with zombies and other mutated creatures.

Igra bo izšla na PS4 in PC v 2016. Stala bo 29.99€ in bo na voljo digitalno. Bo pa osredotočena na večigralstvo.

Še napovednik oz. dražilnik:


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Dogajanje v igri bo postavljeno v dogodke po Resident Evil 6.

Kawata-san answered first on the setting by saying that the game is set after the events of Resident Evil 6, which is a bit strange, because fans of the series know that at that time, Umbrella Corps was already destroyed.

Igra ne bo vsebovala nadgrajevanja lika, pač pa se bo osredotočala na igralca in njegovo nabiranje izkušenj ter učenje na napakah.

“We’re taking the approach that, rather than having the character you play as level up as a concrete number or strength or whatever else, you’re the one who gains the experience and knowledge by playing the game; you’re the one who gets better. There’s a points-based system in the game where as you do things, you earn points that can be used to get customizable options for your character and so forth. But we’re not locking it into a system where you’re getting a more powerful character just by playing for a longer time. You’re the one who has to become more powerful yourself as a player.”

“We have three weapon layouts here at the show, and a lot of thought has gone into how they differentiate from one another, rather than just having ten machine guns with minor cosmetic differences. The things that will differentiate players are the weapons they choose to use and which special items they choose to use, not just a level number.”


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Two squads from the development team in Capcom Japan duke it out in heated 3 vs. 3 competitive team battles in the third-person shooter’s One Life Match Mode. In this mode, players must defeat the opposing team in a fast and furious 3-minute time limit without any option to re-spawn.



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WTF je to sranje... Brezskrbna hoja med zombiji v Resident Evil igri? Streliva ko dreka! Ekstremno hitro premikanje z možnostjo plazenja po tleh. Čisto nič nima veze z Resident Evil serijo. Ne ustvari atmosfere, ni strašna, pred ničemer ne bežiš, ampak samo brezglavo napadaš.

Sej ne rečem, igra je lahko zabavna zaradi dinamičnosti. Jim pa zamerim da so uporabili Resident Evil ime in tematiko. Zakaj niso enostavno spustili ime in tematiko od Resident Evil in ustvarili nov unikatni naslov?

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PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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Igra bo izšla enkrat v maju.



The new trailer shows off the new Village map, inspired by Resident Evil 4, as well as the a new horde-style mode called The Experiment. Unlike the multiplayer modes, The Experiment only supports one player. The mode has over 20 missions and takes the zombie jammer device away from players.


Nov napovednik:






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