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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

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Pred časom je Nintendo najavil še en remake Zelde pred Zeldo Wii U. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD je remake igre, ki je izšla 19. novembra 2006. Remake bo na voljo 4. marca letos.




Prav veliko o igri trenutno še ni znanega, razen tega, da bo igra deležna grafičnih izboljšav ter amiibo funkcionalnosti. Nintendo je omenil, da bo več podrobnosti delil kasneje.


Pa še primerjava z Wii verzijo igre:



Meni osebno se zdi napram Wind Waker predelavi tole čisto druga reč in zelo verjetno za nabavo, ampak brez amiiboja. :)




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35 minut gameplayja in seznam sprememb.




The Wii U GamePad will let you view the game's map and transform into Wolf Link with just a single touch, speeding up the transition.


There's a new Ghost Lantern item which will glow when Poe Souls are nearby, making this lengthy sidequest easier.


There are now 12 Tears of Light to collect in each area, down from 16, again making this quicker.


Rupees will no longer remain in a treasure chest if your wallet is too full to pick them up


Wallets have been modified to hold more Rupees to accommodate this


Hero Mode is now available from the start.

Link will take double damage and no health-replenishing hearts will appear in the world. Dungeons are also mirrored.


Dozens of Miiverse stamps have now been hidden in chests around the world.



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