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Song of the Deep

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Insomniac Games so najavili igro Song of the Deep, katere izid je planiran za letošnje poletje. Igra pa bo izšla na PC, Xbox One in PS4. Na voljo bo digitalno za vse platforme, fizični izvod pa bo prodajan izključno z Gamestopove strani.





Merryn waits all night for her father to return from his fishing voyage. He never does. After a vivid dream showing her father trapped under the sea, Merryn is determined to save him. This unlikely heroine builds a small submarine from spare parts and sets off to rescue him. Along the way, she’ll make friends, discover lost civilizations and ruins, and upgrade her submarine to explore even deeper. The terrain and monsters of the deep are daunting, but Merryn’s courage, intelligence, and love for her father will help her overcome adversity.


Ključne podrobnosti:



Set in a gorgeous underwater world, players take on the role of Merryn in her quest to find her father. With a rickety submarine, Merryn will explore the vast ocean depths in this side-scrolling Metroidvania-style adventure game. Song of the Deep delivers unique gameplay in a tale of love, heartbreak, and triumph.

  • Explore a fantastic non-linear interactive underwater world, from ruins to boneyards to gardens. Every corner of the ocean offers a new surprise.
  • Upgrade your submarine with new abilities to access new areas of the sea, and combine your abilities in surprising ways like catching a torpedo with your claw arm.
  • Outwit, outmaneuver, and battle creatures along the way, from lantern jellies to giant bosses.
  • Experience an unforgettable journey: A powerful tale about a daughter defying impossible odds to search for her father.


Teaser napovednik:







Osebno se mi zdi zelo simpatična igra in zelo verjetno bo tole day-one nakup. :) Pa še dopade se mi, ker se dogaja pod vodo za razliko od večine ostalih.

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Igra bo izšla na PC, PS4 in Xbox One 12. julija.



Song of the Deep, the upcoming GameTrust game being developed by Insomniac has been rated by the ESRB. Earning an E for Everyone rating due to Mild Fantasy Violence, the game will be launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 12, 2016.



This is an adventure game in which players assume the role of Merryn, a young explorer searching the ocean depths for her father. As players pilot Merryn’s submarine through underwater environments, they must solve puzzles and fend off a variety of enemies (e.g., jellyfish, urchins, giant spiders). The submarine uses a grapple claw, torpedoes, and sonar blasts to defeat enemies. Opponents break apart into pieces and fade away quickly when defeated.




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Nekaj se jim je zataknilo pri izidu pri nas: Song of the Deep Pushed By a Week for Consoles in Some Regions Due to Production Delays


Insomniac Games’ has said that its upcoming GameStop-published title, Song of the Deep, has been pushed by a week in EU and Australia due to “production delays” and logistics. Responding to several fans on Twitter, the developer apologized and said that there were “last minute delays at replication and logistics that we couldn’t avoid” and that there was a “slight delay in production.”

Although the game will be available via Steam in all regions next week, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will now launch in the aforementioned regions on Tuesday, July 19.

Tako da bo izid pri nas 19. julija.


PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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