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Resident Evil 4, 5, 6

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Capcom je oznanil ponovno izdajo 4, 5 in 6. dela Resident Evila na Xbox One in PlayStation 4. Cena za vsak del bo 19.99€. Izšli pa bodo le digitalno. Samo ZDA dobijo izdajo na disku. Izšli bodo pa v obratnem vrstnem redu. 29.marca 6, poleti 5, jeseni pa 4.





Tile screenshoti izgledajo kot da bi bili 2 generaciji konzol nazaj. Porazno. :yuck:

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Capcom je najavil, da bo Resident Evil 5 na voljo za dolpoteg na PS4 in Xbox One od 28. junija.



This version will run at 1080p resolution and play at a higher frame-rate than the original Xbox 360 / PS3 release. It comes with all previously released add-ons, including the PC-exclusive No Mercy mode. A new mode, called The Mercenaries Unlimited will also be added. It combines the two modes, The Mercenaries and The Mercenaries Reunion



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4. del je dobil datum izida. Izšel bo 30. avgusta.



Resident Evil 4, the highpoint of Capcom's horror series and one of the greatest games of all time, finally has a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release date.

You'll be able to play a port of the classic on your latest console from 30th August.


Igra bo vključevala, kar je zanjo bilo izdano.



Don't expect a remastered version of the game remade from the ground up. Do expect a version of the game which sounds and plays just as well as you remember.

Included in the pack is everything you would expect but no more: so, Ada's side-story, Mercenaries and various extra costumes.


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