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PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2017

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Sony bo tudi letos imel PSX event. Tako kot lani, bo tudi letos event potekal v Kaliforniji in sicer od 8.-10. decembra.

Najpomembnejši bo prvi dan, ko se bo odvijala konferenca s prenosom v živo!


Lani nam je PSX postregel z The Last of Us 2 najavo, letos verjetno z gameplayem. :popcorn: Tudi kakšno nova najava bo zagotovo padla.


PSX 2017

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"Well, I think we continue along our path... putting my Worldwide Studios hat on, I think in Worldwide Studios, we have a lot of energy, a lot of devotion, a lot of love around storytelling, around narrative. You know, some people call it single player gaming, we do have most of our eggs in that basket: Because, that's the thing we do well... and I don't want to go to those teams and tell them "I read in a magazine that there's something called games as a service, make me one of those!". I don't want to be that guy. So, that's what we do. We do Horizon, we do God Of War, we do Detroit, Uncharted, The Last Of Us. These are things we're gonna continue to lean into very strong. So I see our content story continuing to play out that way."

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Celoten stream PSX konference:


Meni je bil zelo všečen letošnji PSX. Dobiš insajderske informacije kar se razvoja iger tiče. Pa malo več demotov, kot pa samo hitri trailerji.


Aja najboljši pa je itak bil konec, ko je Greg Miller imel svoj kratek a pikanten intervju s Shawn Layden in Shuem (@2:10:30).

Shawn je izjavil, da bi naj v roku enega leta PSN dobili opcijo spremembe imena računa!

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