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Nintendo Labo

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Switch + karton = Nintendo Labo






The basic Nintendo Labo kit costs £59.99, and includes the cardboard Toy-Con designs for the piano, bug, bike handlebars, doll's house and fishing rod, as well as the Switch game card with associated mini-games.

It includes 28 cardboard sheets, three reflective sheets, three sponge sheets, plus various bits of string and rubber bands.




The more advanced Nintendo Labo robot kit costs £69.99. With it you can cosplay as a giant robot in the game, which evolved from Shigeru Miyamoto's earlier Project Giant Robot concept.

This set includes 19 cardboard sheets, four cardstock sheets, a reflective sheet, plus string and fabric straps.




Finally, there's an £8.99 Nintendo Labo Customisation Set, which includes stickers, stencils and sticky tape to decorate your Toy-Con creations.


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In potem pride Nintendo s kreativno in dostopno* Labo VR idejo.


Nintendo Labo VR is VR at its simplest - but also its most magical


Ja deluje otročje in tudi je. Ko kupiš Labo VR, moraš najprej polovico dneva porabiti da sestaviš vse zadeve iz kartona (po principu Lego kock). Nato se prične zabavni del vstopa v VR svet.

Imajo nekaj prekleto zanimivih 2 player VR zadev.

Najbolj vprašljiva je vzdržljivost. Tisti rilec VR slona deluje zelo nežno narejeno - karton in gumica.



*če že imaš Switcha. 😄

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