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Xbox "Scarlett" aka XT(wo?)

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Prihajajo prve informacije o naslednji generaciji konzol!

Microsoft konzola ima codename "Scarlett", ter bosta kar dve!


Ena bo bolj tradicionalne izvedbe, kot jih trenutno poznamo, vzporedno pa bo cenejša verzija, katera bo namenjena streamanju iger! (Scarlett Cloud)



The focus of the new generation of consoles is that Microsoft doesn't want you to notice the difference between playing a game using a game-streaming console or a full classic-style console.

However, to do this Thurrott reports that the streaming box will be more expensive than those sold in stores today, but much cheaper overall than buying a dedicated console. This is due to the extra hardware inside that is supposed to help with smoother latencies while streaming.

Microsoft plans on creating the bulk of their revenue from subscription services, as they currently do with Xbox Live, Xbox Gamepass, and digital sales. The current release date for both consoles is sometime in 2020.


Vse, kar trenutno vemo glede Xbox Scarlett (Vir: Windows Central)


Več informacij lahko pričakujemo na E3 2019!




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Nove novice iz istega vira - Windows central


Obe konzoli sta dobili razvojno ime in sicer Xbox "Anaconda," Xbox "Lockhart". Izšli bi naj za praznike v 2020.


Lockhard bi naj bila cenejša (Xbox One S2) opcija, Anaconda bi naj bila XOX naslednik - XOX2.

Lockhard bi naj strojno bil na nivoju trenutnega XOX z določenimi izboljšavami oz. osvežitvami drobovja.

Anaconda bi naj bila dražja in bolj cutting edge. Omenja se da bi naj dramatično pohitrili nalagalne čase. Verjetno na račun SSDjev, ki so postali v zadnjem času nesramno poceni.


Obe konzoli bi naj bili kompatibilni za nazaj - originalni Xbox, X360 in XO.


Portanje iger iz Xboxa na PC bi naj bilo sedaj še dodatno poenostavljeno z manj dela za razvijalce.

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The console is powered by a custom-designed processor which “leverages” the latest Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture from AMD.

It features hardware accelerated raytracing, variable refresh rate, 8K capability, “ultra-low latency input,” and supports up to 8k.


Več o konzoli bo znanega v prihodnosti.

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