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  • Odstranjeni so nekativni uporabniki brez dejavnosti do zadnjega dne v mesecu decembru 2017
  • EA omogočila zastonj nadgradnjo na PS5 in Xbox serijo X lastnikom iger sedanje generacije konzol
  • Crysis Remastered potrjen za izid na PC + PS4 + Xbox One + Switch
  • Ghost of Tsushima izid potrjen za 17*julij
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Gre za streljačino, ki se dogaja v vesolju. V ospredju je Nara, katere glavna naloga bo ustaviti kult in njegovega vodjo. Igra naj bi izšla prihodnje leto na PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox seriji X, Stadii in PC.


O igri:


In Chorus, you play as Nara, the pilot of the sentient ship, Forsaken. You’ll travel across the galaxy in a quest for redemption and to stop the dark cult The Circle and its leader, the Great Prophet. As you explore and fight your enemies in various mysterious interstellar environments, you will garner various upgrades for your ship that will improve your weapons and combat ability. The Forsaken will also have a unique drifting mechanic, teleportation, telekinesis, and more you can chain together to become an incredibly powerful force against The Circle.




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