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Igra bo izšla 15. novembra.


12 likov, ki bodo na voljo igralcem ter njihove unikatne sposobnosti:



  • Papa Smurf – Sends magic powder to put everyone to sleep instantly.
  • Jokey – Sends explosive gifts to his opponents to make them lose time.
  • Storm – Fires sticky arrows on opponents to change their trajectory.
  • Handy – Brings out an army of homemade drones to protect him and stuns opponents.
  • Clumsy – Turns on the flashing light of his fire engine kart to overtake its competitors.
  • Chef – Offers cakes to opponents to give them the hiccups.
  • Smurfette – Bewitches the other Smurfs with her perfume.
  • Blossom – Makes her opponents execute frantic jumps, preventing them from advancing.
  • Robot – Activates his robotic arms and causes a tornado effect.
  • Astro – Activates the reactors of its rocket-kart that allows him to overtake his opponents.
  • Hefty – Shows off workout effect to push the others along the track.
  • Farmer – Harvests sarsaparilla for a boost.



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