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[Wii] Guitar Hero 3

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prekopirano iz wikipedie

Wii exclusive features

The Wii version of the game has several exclusive features, because a Wii Remote must be inserted into the guitar controller. The game utilizes the Wii Remote's wireless capabilities and accelerometer, as well as making use of the rumble feature and the internal speaker: The internal speaker on the Wii Remote is used to emit an effect when incorrect notes are hit; and the Wii Remote's rumble feature is utilized when Star Power mode is activated. While the Wii version has online play utilizing game-specific friend codes, downloadable content was not available at launch, although it may be available in the future. The Wii version also uses slightly different graphics and sounds than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, such as a different typeset, loading screen, and "screw up sounds" more akin to Guitar Hero I and II.

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hmm majo uni nastavek za pownit 2 yoistika naenkrat pa majo singing star pa neki boogy somthing(pri obeh dobis zraven mikrofon) pa majo GT pro series z volanom za 20€!!! cene majo tui samo volane po 15€ pa tko igric majo kr neki...moraš pogledat tudi odzadaj za igrico ki so na stojalu in odzadaj so mešane igrice ni da so use iste kot je prva u vrsti:D to sem ugotovu komaj eno 3jic ko sem biw:D ja pa kitaro majo:D

aja pa navadne yoistike pa wiimote pa wiipontcardse. Uglawnem usega majo:D

u media worldu u trstu so meli pa se pistole po 15€:D to je use kar sem jaz vidu:D

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