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[PS2] Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2


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Combining action, fighting and light role-playing game (RPG) elements, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 will send players into a rich story mode that spans the entire Dragon Ball, DBZ, and Dragon Ball GT series. The game takes the acrobatic and intense 3D flying and fighting dynamic made popular in last year's hit and takes it to a whole new level with over 100 playable characters, 15 vast and vibrant 3D destructible environments, and nine different game modes, including intense single and multiplayer.

While Super Dragon Ball Z is intended for hardcore fighting fans, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is targeted at a much wider audience, seemingly even those who aren't yet into DBZ. It's a massive game, featuring over 100 playable characters, a number of which have never been in a Dragon Ball Z videogame before. There were only six on display in the build we saw at Atari's Pre-E3 event so we're not sure how Spike is planning on managing a roster that large and allow gamers to easily find their favorite fighters, but suffice it to say that nearly every DBZ character you could ever want is likely to make an appearance here.


Tenkaichi 2 is a heavily story-based game, ranging from the beginnings of Saiyan Saga and working all the way through to the end of the movies. Many of the game's missions are actually taken straight from the television show and movies, allowing DBZ fans the ability to play through some of their favorite existing segments while also throwing in new twists and turns.

While some of the past DBZ games had stories that simply worked as slideshows between fights, Tenkaichi 2 features a full adventure aspect where players take control of a character and navigate him around the world, talking to folks, exploring vast areas and so forth between each of the battles. It certainly sounds like it's set up to be a rather expansive experience, though unfortunately we'll have to wait until later to see how this comes together as we only had time to run through a series of battles.

It's the fights that really matter however, and it's pretty safe to say that Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 has both expanded and refined the previous game(s) in most every way. These battles are massive, taking place in gargantuan arenas that literally dwarf the fighters within. The scope of the battles really makes it seem as if something major is at stake rather than just two egos. It may be a little hard to understand exactly what that means until you see the game in action, but the battles really do feel bigger than simply the two people involved.


Not only are the environments massive, but they're destructible as well. Characters can crash into plateaus and completely destroy the natural structures. Craters are left after giant attacks, and combined with all of the rubble you'll cause you're left with a ton of evidence post-battle that an intense and massive fight had just taken place.

While the environments certainly are cool, it's the characters and gameplay mechanics themselves that are most important and, luckily, this looks to be where Spike has made the biggest improvements. For starters, you're now able to change forms mid-battle, allowing you the ability to mix up the action as things progress rather than having to select a form pre-battle. Some characters have multiple forms, and clicking down on the right analog stick will transform between them in chronological order. For instance, Goku will transform into Super Saiyan, then Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3 and finally Super Saiyan 4, each time having his player model transformed and skillset increased.




By: Atari, Spike

Genre: 3D Fighting

Release Date: October 2006

Sam mam Tenkaichi 1 pa moram rect ni boljse dragon ball igre TENKAICHI 2 pa da te kap :D

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  • 5 months later...

Lep pozdrav,ce kdo bere temo, mogoce kgo ve kda bo prisla igra v slovenske trgovine ,datum izhoda igre za evropo pise 27 october,videl pa se nic v trgovinah,ce kdo kaj novega bo izvedel mi prosim naj obvesti :)

Malo za informacijo ,zivim blizu ptuja ,pa kupujem tudi preko neta ,ce kdo kej novega izve glede igre mi prosim naj odpise?! :D

Pa kje je ta vrazji tenkaichi 2??

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Mm, najnaprednejša od vseh DBZ pretepačin dosedaj je epizoda za PSP. No, to sem kar malo preigral in hmm, ji je ipak manjkalo še kar dosti, predvsem v balansiranosti. Bi se pa dala hitro popravit v zelo uživantsko igro, saj so osnove zelo v redu (charge cancellanje in to). :cool:

Videl sem posnetke tega in so me kar navdušili. Bom probal čekirat čimprej, saj me res zanima, če bo kolikor toliko orenk zadeva (vsaj kot un za PSP), ali pa le štorialni šminkeraj. :crossfingers:

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Malo je špil razočaral.V bistvu bi taka mogla bit enka.Enostavno malo bolj dodelan DBZ "simulator"(ako ga lahko tako poimenujem).

Štorijalni način je tud večkrat posiljen,saj se nekateri boji ponavljajo ali pa jih maš enostavno preveč za eno sago(ali pa movie).What if zgodbice so samo tri,kar je slabo,saj so jih obljubljali več.Cutscenov je tud očitno premalo,saj jih vseskupaj zasledimo okoli šest.Jst sm hardcore DBZ fan,a sem ravno zaradi takih stvari komaj prebavil zgodbo

Grafika se je res izboljašala,kar je zame edini pravi napredek BT2(In game transformacije so že mele predhodnice,tag teame pa supersonic warriors za GBA in nadaljevanje tega špila za DS).

Characterjev je dovolj,še preveč,saj na koncu sploh ne veš katerega bi vzel.Je pa dobro,da nimajo zdaj vsi enake tehnike.Veliko je novih,edinstvenih rushov,ki so res sapo jemajoči.Nekatere tehnike pa lahko chargaš za večji damage.Borilni sistem drugače ni kej napredoval.Prvo vidiš cele kupe combotov,na koncu pa ugotoviš,da so za skoraj vse characterje enaki(giant(tank) bojevniki zaradi okornosti ne morejo izvajat hitrih combotov).

BT2 je nasplošno solidn špil,ki zna navdušiti nekatere ljudi.A kaj več mu ne bo uspelo.


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