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Igre za odrasle


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+5 Nintendo.

Ne vem zakaj folk jokca po internetu, kako lahko Nintendo "dovoli" razvoj takih iger.

Saj ne bo igra po defaultu zraven novo kupljenega Wii-ja. Pač jo bo kupil tisti, ki jo bo želel.

Bi bilo zanimivo sprobat kak tak špil... če bi bil dobro narejen.

Bi bilo pa fajn, če bi podpiral 2 playerja... za geekish predigro recimo... :D

Notice: Escalator Temporarily Stairs...sorry for the convenience

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Ta srednja slikca na linku je iz

Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! - Majo Check kar je pa bolj kot adult game girl game.



There is a boy; the student of the [seirei Takagamine Junior High School] whose name is [Akuji Nishimura], is a little perverse and proud to be a bad boy.

One day, Akuji been ordered by the person who call oneself an [Arch-Angel] to find the [witch who is hiding in the school].

Akuji is not obedient boy to hear the order, but threatened to change him into [good boy] he have no choice but to obey the order.

This is how the searching for the witch accompanied by angel LuLu, had began.

Who knows, is Akuji able to complete the mission of searching the witch?

Eh tile japanci!?


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