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Ekskluzivno:[PS3] No Man’s Land


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Dom za cestne borce...


Some games, such as Namco Museum.comm/Essentials, Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5/Biohazard 5, SingStar (Europe), Makai Senki Disgaea 3 (Japan),[99] Minna de Spelunker (Japan), Catan (Japan), Batman: Arkham Asylum, Tekken 6, Buzz!: Quiz World, White Knight Chronicles, Mega Man 10, and Red Dead Redemption support Home rewards. The users receive the rewards by earning certain trophies in the game itself or by simply launching the game in their PS3. The inFamous demo and the Namco Museum.comm/Essentials demo also support Home rewards.


Users can communicate in a variety of ways in Home. Along with the existing PSN messaging system, users are able to write text messages to each other using either a physical or on-screen keyboard. These messages appear in speech bubbles over the avatar's head and in the 'chat log'. V1.40 now allows users to switch between text chat and voice chat in the chat log. Voice chat, with the use of a headset, is available within personal spaces and clubs or by making a 'Phone call' to a specific user. As of v1.40, users can now privately voice chat with groups of up to 8 users on their own voice chat channel. The user can also perform visible gestures (or "e-motes") such as waving, nodding or dancing. A 'Quick chat' feature, which has predetermined phrases, is also available. Users can also indicate the status of their avatar, which is displayed below their name (e.g. Normal, Happy, Sad, etc.).

Edited by Bessie


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Novičke od Doma...posebej zanimiva je tista o Killzone



Beginning this Thursday, February 3rd, PlayStation Home will serve as a respite to the battle-hardened survivors of the zombie apocalypse known as Dead Nation – the explosive action-shooter now available exclusively on the PlayStation Network. The Dead Nation “Safe House” is one of the last bastions of humanity in a world ravaged by a deadly virus that has turned the majority of mankind into a sweeping horde of brain-thirsty zombies. Complete with an improvised shooting range, the Dead Nation “Safe House” is the perfect retreat for you and the remaining pocket of survivors to recoup and reload. Hone your skills in this brand-new game space by taking out as many zombie targets as you can, placing on the leaderboard and demonstrating your undead-slaying abilities. Just remember to always aim for the brain.


Novus PrimeHellfire Games’ hit sci-fi space shooter

– receives an update this week. Earth Fleet scouts have reported sightings of very large fighter ships among the enemy armada. Evidence also suggests that all bot vessels are being outfitted with new weapons. In response, a new shipment of gear is arriving at Novus Prime. The commercially-built fighter ship known as the Codebreaker leads the new

arrivals. Outfitted with the latest in defensive shielding technology, the Codebreaker disrupts nearby AI systems, turning bot ships into allies. A

specialized interface helmet is included, which may be worn at any time.


New weapon technology:

Capable of dealing out massive damage, the Ion Beam is a turret-mounted cannon that fires upon the turret’s target for as long as the fire button is

held. Once the beam connects, it takes a few seconds to reach the maximum damage potential. If you buy the Ion Beam you also get the Ion Blaster Cannons. Slip these cannons over your arms and feel the power of a thousand suns!


Looking to experience the ultimate freedom? Now you can with the Zero-gravity Simulator jet pack! With this on your back, you can float freely throughout the space station. And if you want an extra speed boost, grab a pair of Propulsion Boots. The Propulsion Boots also include the Turbo-Matrix Speed Booster which can be equipped to a ship’s upgrade slot to significantly increase its top speed.


Two new companions are now available! Say hello to DataBot Jr., a highly-portable companion bot that hovers over all terrain, following diligently as your faithful pal. It also fits into most overhead storage compartments.


These Rogue Mech Suits

were recovered from an abandoned outpost that was believed to be operated by space pirates. They are fully operational and should not require oil changes for at least 3,000 miles.


To celebrate the one-year

anniversary of Blue Toad Murder Files releasing on the PlayStation Network, we are releasing a host of Blue Toad items for sale in the PlayStation Home Mall. Stressed after a hard days investigation? Relax in your very own Blue Toad Hot Tub. Or go nuts and deck out your personal space with the Giant Sheep, Bongo Drum and stylish Murder Rug. While you are at it, pick up the variety of Blue Toad costumes, including a life-sized Toad outfit and a deer-stalker hat (for all you budding detectives).

Konami is hosting another one of their

uber-popular parties this weekend. Come out to the Konami space this weekend

in your SAW II: Flesh and Blood

items and earn extra points!



The PlayStation Home Mall gets an update this week with new Valentine’s Day-themed items. Pick up the Heart-Shaped Box active item (pictured below) and the array of Codeglue items – including three new companions (as well as multiple clothing items).

Visit the PlayStation

Home Community Theater this week to watch the newest edition of Replay with Doc as well as a new episode of the Hip Hop Gamer videocast – which focuses on the Homefront, THQ’s upcoming first person shooter.

Finally, don’t forget to take part in the on-going Killzone 3 “Total Game Integration” experience, available in PlayStation Home for a limited time only. Join your fellow soldiers and defend the Central Plaza against waves of Helghast infantry, airships, and ground vehicles by manning the Central Plaza Defender and mowing down the approaching enemy forces. Complete all the community challenges to unlock exclusive rewards – including a voucher good for three Unlock Points that can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in the Killzone 3 multiplayer. Pre-order Killzone 3 through Amazon.com straight from the kiosk in Central Plaza to receive:

  • A limited edition Killzone 3 jetpack for your Home avatar, not available anywhere else
  • Unlock and Load Pack, instant access to an additional three Unlock Points to use on the weapon or ability of your choice in Killzone 3 multiplayer
  • Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2

Edited by Bessie


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This Thursday, February

24th PlayStation Home

and LOOT will be hosting a very special live event. Beginning at 1:50 pm

Pacific Time (4:50 pm Eastern) a live stream of the final liftoff of Space

Shuttle Discovery will be broadcast on the new NASA TV Channel of

the LOOT Sunset Yacht (formerly known as the Amaterasu), a premium personal

space available from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall. Be a part of

history and watch as the last Discovery launch becomes the first live-streaming

event featured in PlayStation Home!


You’ll notice when you

visit the Sunset Yacht that this mega-popular personal space has received more

than just a name change and an updated program guide on the built-in TV.

Beginning this Thursday, February 24th, the Sunset Yacht will live up to its

new name by offering owners the ability to set the time of the day while

cruising the high seas—a first for PlayStation Home!


Digital Leisure is bringing even more

fun Space Ace items come this Thursday, February 24th – including male and

female clothing items and furniture that will delight all fans of this classic




The PlayStation Home Mall

receives an update this week with new furniture, clothing, and active items –

including new several animated pieces of jewelry, and gold, platinum and

crystal furniture items.


Starting this Thursday, you

will be able to purchase one, two, and seven-day rental passes to play all 50

levels of the hit SodiumOne Salt Shooter Game. If you have not taken the chance

to test your skills, here is the perfect opportunity.

To celebrate this new way

to play, Lockwood Publishing

will be doubling the amount of Gold, Silver and Silicon available in game for

all valid rental ticket and Sodium Pilot Outfit holders for the next seven

days! More resources mean even more Sodium Credits to use at the VICKIE shop.


The Home Community Theater

is being updated this Thursday with the first full episode of the exclusive LittleBigPodcast series. In episode

1, hosts Austin and Daniel interview John Beech from Media Molecule (the

amazing LBP2 level designer) as well as the mysterious “Laptop Guy.” See you


Just a reminder that many

of the Home Community Volunteer veterans are still offering tours of the

Mansion’s Second Floor with Game Room personal space. If you have not checked

it out yet, feel free to send one of them a PM and check it out! For more

information, check the first post in this thread in the official PlayStation

Home Community forums: http://community.us.playstation.com/thread/3407972


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Home bo dobil velik update...


More than 100 new items will be available starting today in the PlayStation Home Mall, including a new pets, funktastic clothings, new furnitures and more! Courtesy of PlayStation Home Community Manager Locust_Star, here's some of the highlights for this week's Home updates:

Heavy Water expands their line of Heavy Pets with their new Peeps collection. From companions to active items and furniture for your personal spaces, these unique items are available in multiple bundles including the “Super Peep Pack” which gives you all 10 Peeps at a price that simply can’t be beat. Check out this video for a look at the new Heavy Water Peeps.

Fan favorites nDreams bring more awesome content into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home this week with their new Funksters ’74 line of virtual items. This new range of retro and utterly funktastic clothing items includes two limited edition outfits. And for those of you that want to have the coolest pad imaginable, nDreams has expanded their Funksters ’74 line to include groovy 70’s Furniture and 70’s Shag Carpet bundles.

Also available this week from nDreams is the new Lil’ Reaper companion. This remorseless, unforgiving creature has one goal: to drag you into the abyss from whence it came. But until the day of reckoning comes, why not show him off to all your friends? Because, let’s face it, the Lil’ Reaper is pretty cool…

This week sees the Lockwood formal wear collection growing with more fashionable items like the exquisite men’s Chinese jacket and the silk Cheongsam dress, complemented by a decorative fan – also available in value packs. The mega-popular Lockwood Gift Machine will be available as an automatic reward to all players that enter Lockwood spaces (like the Sodium Hub) come this Thursday, March 24th – just check your inventory!

More Blue Toad Murder Files furniture items are heading your way this week, including the Miniature Toy Collection, the Animal Furniture Collection, and – brace yourself – the Collector’s Collection (how meta!).

THQ brings brand new items from some of their hottest games into PlayStation Home this week. Visit the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick up the Homefront clothing and furniture items (including RC Recon and Assault drones), the Red Faction: Guerilla Marauder suit, and the Saints Row 2 “Hot Dog” and “Flashy” clothes!

Conspiracy – the PlayStation Home exclusive action/espionage game – receives yet another update this week, with some truly awesome new clothing, furniture, and companion items (like this limited-edition Mark IV Interceptor Bot).





(Verjetno se bo kaj razlikovalo glede na regijo, slike in video sta za EU Home, besedilo pa za USA.)

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V štartu ko sem imel USA acc. je bilo kar zanimivo sem pa tja pokukat in se dalj časa zadržat v home, zdaj pa res le občasn pogledam kaj je novega. Zadeva se je kar razširila in ima že kar nekaj iger, v trenutno najnovejši preganjaš zombije, imaš tudi tematske prostore itd. na začetku sem ustvaril tudi KSi klub, ki verjetno še vedno obstaja.

Sama zamisel je kul, le preveč časa zahteva, ki ga lahko drugače nameniš igranju iger ipd. pač ena Second Life varianta.


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Hi everyone. I’ve got somehuge news for you.

As you know, we’ve beenworking hard to fill PlayStation Homewith hundreds of games – everything from pool tables and dart boards to full-onspace shooters like NovusPrime: Escalation, zombie slashers like Dead Island ZombieSurvivor, and massive online racing games like Sodium 2: Project Velocity.Today we are excited to announce a complete redesign of the heart ofPlayStation Home to reinforce our evolution into the ultimate social gameplatform on consoles today. This redesign will connect you with the world ofhundreds of games in Home faster and better than ever before.

Coming in Fall 2011, thisnew core experience for PlayStation Home features a “hub and districts” designthat will help you find games, people and places that fit your favorite gamegenres. The design features a new Hub that integrates games, quests, communityevents, and user-generated content, while providing you with additionalnavigation, shopping, socialization and entertainment options.


The new, futuristic Hub(shown below) brings an ever changing roster of games right to the center ofHome, including Cogs from Codename: Lazy 8 Studios which will be featured frontand center on day one. The Hub will also feature a new Activity Board filledwith games to play, rewards to be won, a new UGC events system, and cool stuffto discover.


Powering this ActivityBoard is a massive new questing system that literally transforms Home itselfinto a game if you so choose. From frequently updated community activities tohuge, branching narrative adventures, this questing system will provide gameplay options delivered to you in ways never before imagined.

Additionally, surroundingthe Hub will be districts based on game genres to suit your mood. Whether youwant an intense, in-your-face experience, or a more chill, laid-backenvironment, these districts will be packed with games and navigation pointsleading you to content that suits your style.


  • With a gritty, urban aesthetic reminiscent of a first-person shooter level, the Action District (shown above) is the perfect destination for gamers looking for action, shooter and horror games.
  • Come experience the outside-the-stadium feel of Sportswalk, which features up-to-the-minute major league sports scores, headlines and highlights, and sports-themed games.
  • Enter a lush beachfront jungle full of sights to see and adventure-themed games to discover in the Adventure District.


  • Pier Park (shown above) is your destination for carnival, puzzle, outdoor and arcade games, featuring a waterfront boardwalk, Ferris wheel and a fun party zone that is linked to dedicated indie and arcade game spaces.

Ontop of all this great news, I’m excited to announce that we are going toupgrade Home’s core client to provide a streamlined initial user experience,getting you in and playing games faster than ever before. This upgrade will bedeployed as a separate release from the redesign, and together they willunderscore PlayStation Home’s evolution into a world filled with hundreds ofgames ready for you to play, making Home the ultimate social game platform onconsoles.

Wehope you’re as excited about PlayStation Home’s new core experience as we are!



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On Thursday 13th October from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

This week PlayStation Home gears up for the release of Uncharted 3 with a brand new space and game – Fortune Hunter! Set in the sun-baked streets of Yemen, Fortune Hunter challenges you to step into the shoes of Nathan Drake and explore your war-torn surroundings while collecting hidden treasures. You must survive wave after wave of incoming attacks from enemies who are out to stop you from grabbing the loot. Ruthless gunmen, toppling crates and collapsing walls are all dangers to watch out for, so do Nathan Drake proud and keep your eyes peeled at all times.


6238174190_87d8bf91d9_m.jpg 6237649417_d242774f4b_m.jpg

To help you on your quest are loads of hidden weapons – there’s a pistol, a machine gun and even grenades to get your hands on if you’re wily enough to spot them. Use your ammo to take down enemies and complete objectives, hunt out all of the treasure and battle fierce bosses.

6238173618_f18fc68358_m.jpg 6237651851_41384c831a_m.jpg

6238175152_7398430f08_m.jpg 6238174910_23733edd40_m.jpg

Check back over the coming weeks for new challenges – complete them all and you will receive a voucher code for a Kickback Endurance Booster for use in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception!

Also this week, following Hudson Soft’s recent release of the Elemental Monster Online Card Game on PS3, you can now find the Elemental Monster Lounge in PlayStation Home. Head on over to find out more information about the game, discuss strategies, or just to chat with fellow players.


VEEMEE releases a fabulous new range of tables and chairs in their Original V-Store this week. With twelve colours to choose from you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you.

Continuing from last week’s action theme, the Alter Ego store has a new range of elite combat suits for both male and female avatars.


For the men and if brute force is your thing, take your pick from the heavy Bruiser and Druiser armour and crush any resistance you encounter! For something a little more mobile, get equipped for any hostile situation with the Renegade, Blackhawk and Rhino combat suits. If you prefer the stealthy approach, go for the cutting edge Viper Ninja and prototype Cyborg Ninja outfits, designed for those who circumvent danger and then poke it in the eye!

Female avatars can get kitted out in a sneaky Ninja outfit, look stylish yet deadly in a guerilla Soldier uniform, or opt for the Armed Vigilante’s scintillating bad girl look. If you want to mix and match, all clothing parts are available individually or to make a saving just grab one of the value bundles.

As we’re approaching the spooky season of Halloween, we’ve re-released some classics such as Frankenstein, Werewolf, Witch and Ghost costumes – just check out the Featured items from Home Square or the Navigator. Keep an eye out of the next couple of weeks for some new ghoulish items!

Recently you may have noticed some purchasing issues occurring in Home, most notably users have not been receiving some of the paid for items from nDreams that have been released over the past couple of weeks. We’d like to inform users that these were SCE issues and have now been fully resolved, so everyone that has bought some of the affected content should now have received it. We’d also like to thank the community for bringing this issue to our attention and would like to encourage you to continue to do so in future.

We are also investigating the other content related issues that have been occurring recently and will keep the community posted on our progress.

We don't quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing.


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As you can see, PlayStation Home’s new genre-based districts include a number of diverse and exclusive games that cater to players’ different interests and styles. For example, in the Action District, you’ll be able to enjoy the free and exclusive first-person shooter game that runs inside Home itself, Bootleggers ’29. We’ll also be bringing back some of your favorite Total Game Integration events here such as Dead Island and Killzone 3, as well as feature teleporters to popular games such as Sodium.

If sports are more up your alley, you’ll definitely find yourself at home in the Sportswalk, where players will have access to games like Home Hold’em (a full-featured Texas Hold’em poker game), live sports scores and video highlights, as well as a game of PlayStation Home Sports Trivia where you can reap plenty of rewards. And in Pier Park, you can race your own remote controlled car against friends in RC Rally, or relax with friends and take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. All of this is tied together with a new quest system that turns PlayStation Home itself into a game. All you’ll have to do is check out the Activity Board in the Hub when you’re ready to get started, and you’ll be ready to start racking up the rewards!

I can’t wait for you to jump in and see for yourself all the exciting new things we have in store for you with the PlayStation Home redesign. Stay tuned…it won’t be long now!


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Na USA Home

Our friends over at EA are hosting a special Battlefield 3 event this Saturday, January 7th. Show the world who reigns supreme on the battlefield: Metal or Hip Hop. Join Jonathan Davis from Korn (PSN ID: JonathanDavisBF3) or Mickey Factz (PSN ID: MickeyFactzBF3) in Battlefield 3. Visit blogs.battlefield.ea.com for more information on how to pledge your allegiance to either Metal or Hip Hop in this all-out war!



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Tole je pa zanimiva zastonjska Home igra: No Man’s Land

“…the old ones used to call this place the United States of America, we just call it…No Man’s Land…”

No Man’s Land is a new free-to-play PlayStation Home game that transports you to a post-apocalyptic America that has known only war for decades. Through this devastated wasteland, you must scavenge to survive while confronting tribes of heavily armed enemies focused on their own survival. Employing a cutting-edge cover point system and immersive gameplay, No Man’s Land is a first-of-its-kind on a console: a free-to-play multiplayer shooter.



No Man’s Land is a multiplayer third-person tactical shooter, featuring a cover-based movement system and 4v4 team battles. Following the completion of a tutorial session, the player is given an introductory loadout that allows access to the Drydock and the game. Armor and weapon upgrades can be purchased from the Commerce Points in a variety of combinations, which we plan to evolve in time



The cover-to-cover movement system is a deliberate departure from the usual run-and-gun gameplay of many other third-person shooters. No Man’s Land promotes the idea that in order to survive, “cover is king.” The cover control system makes moving between cover natural and fluid. Players can queue additional cover moves or interrupt any move at any time to divert to another cover position. This results in players making frantic dashes between pieces of cover, often taking evasive action when under fire, so they can reach the relative safety of the next cover point. It means players have to think ahead: where they want to be, which direction they want to shoot from, and where their teammates are. This encourages players to work as a team to provide covering fire for each other as they advance and sprint between cover points.



The developers decided to make use of the Home avatars so to increase the player’s connection with the in-game No Man’s Land survivor, which means that your Home avatar will strap on armor while its other physical features remain intact. Plus you can wear it out of the space into the game world too! We all love character customization so have been keen to offer as much flexibility here as possible.

Armor comes in several variants, increasing in weight and damage absorption properties. Heavier armor will slow survivor movement between cover, but it will be able to absorb more damage. You choose between speed of movement and the damage protection.

It is possible to mix and match all the armor pieces into whichever configuration you require. Light armor for hands and feet? Medium for legs and torso? Heavy for the head? You decide. The weight, speed and damage absorption properties for your character are then calculated appropriately.

Right from the start, the intention was to make No Man’s Land as flexible as possible: from the grenade variants, to the customizable armor loadouts, to the four-weapon carrying system. This means that players can buy any combination of weapons and armor to fit their playing style, while offering a variety of visual styles.



There are two modes of play: Scavengers and Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch is the time-tested ‘kill-every-enemy-that-moves’ game mode. In the Scavengers game mode teams must collect salvage packs from the depleted cityscape. These resources are all that are left of the old world. Each team must bring all the salvage to their ‘salvage dump’ before the other team does. This game mode is essentially capture the flag, but with multiple flags. Players earn points for placing salvage on their team’s salvage dump, for stealing enemy salvage, and for simply killing the enemy.


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  • admins

Od včeraj je PlayStation Home izklopljen:

This morning, a couple of minutes later than expected, PlayStation Home was taken offline - for good. Time of death: 8.02am BST.


Our Ian Higton joined a pocket of the virtual world's community for the occasion and said the mood was "quite cheery". Some people had hoped it was all an April Fool's joke, he said, while others were angry that they had spent real money in Home on things now lost forever.

No special events marked the closure, which was announced last September. "Nothing special at all!" Higton said. "In the last few days some of the older spaces and items had been made available to download for free but that's about it. No special gatherings or parties.

"On my server people just congregated on the beach and mingled until the switch was flipped. As anticlimactic in death as it was in life."



PSN & Xbox LIVE: NowickySLO


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