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[Uradna tema] Boom Blox


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Špil pride v EU 9. maja 2008.


Boom Blox, a collaborative creation by Steven Spielberg and Electronic Arts, is part of a three-game deal between Spielberg and EA. According to Amir Rahimi, senior producer, "Steven came up with the idea for the game after playing Wii Sports with Shigeru Miyamoto. He then came to EA with a very simple and universal idea to build a game that leverages the Wii Remote and allows players to stack up blocks and knock them over. It was also very important to him to create a game that he could play with his family."

That's the easiest way to understand what Boom Blox is all about, even though the game is huge with 300 levels, several different types of game modes, and a cast of 30 wacky block characters. Not only that but you can construct your own levels with an editor that enables you to create your own games, too.

Uradna stran:



http://edition.cnn.com/2008/TECH/ptech/ ... index.html

http://www.gamespot.com/wii/puzzle/pqrs ... lt;title;0








Trenutno najcenejši nakup:

http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/pro ... ode=NW0229

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Največji minus tej igri gre pripisati zato, ker so obljubljali bonus sobo, kjer boš lahko uporabil "Head tracking", pa so požrli svojo besedo in tako tega v špilu ne bo.

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Če gre verjeti prvemu opisu ..

I've been waiting to say something like this for a year and a half: If this is the future of casual gaming, motion controls, and Wii, count me in.

And while the reliable controls make the entire experience work, the Havok physics really make it click. Since blocks are capable of small actions and reactions, with lifelike weight, momentum, and presence, it's fun to simply knock them around. It sounds like a silly thing, but gamers rarely get to impose such immediate and complete control over the environments they interact with. It's incredibly satisfying...

Boom Blox is simply a laundry list of great features and options wrapped around an incredibly fun, expertly designed, and well-tuned puzzle game. Sure, its cute veneer won't do it any favors with the more intense console crowd, but I found it charming and refreshingly cheery. It's a casual game made for a casual crowd, but it's far and away the best one I've ever played. Buy this game.


.. na tale špil vsekakor ne gre pozabiti. :thumbup:

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