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Next Gen Destruction Simulator

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TSNStudio’s Extreme Loading® is an engineered simulation technology originally designed for structural analysis, which has immediate applications for both filmmakers and VFX animators.

Unlike Houdini, Blast Code and particle-based tools used to animate demolition, Extreme Loading® quickly generates iterative visuals with the added realism of material based physics, providing the production team a greater array of options prior to dedicating significant time and resources.

Extreme Loading is proving to be a versatile and robust tool

The software can be used to design a destructible set

Engineered simulations can be run long before the set is built

Safe zones for cameras can be identified

Alternative scenarios can be considered

And in the end, the resulting 3D files can be brought into Maya or comparable package for dressing and compositing.


jst lahko samo recem WOW :love:

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