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Xbox360 FAQ - različni vodiči in triki !


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Bom probal poiskat različne vodiče za določene stvari za x360 copy & past varijanta !!!

Če ima kdo še kako idejo oz. link do uporabnega vodiča ga naj doda , bom ga z veseljem vključil .

No pa začnimo:

1. Share Media from a PC with Xbox 360

To access media files--including video, audio, and pictures--from a PC running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you need to connect an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port on the back of your Xbox 360 console to your PC. (An Ethernet cable is supplied with the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.)

To run any of these three programs on Windows XP, you must have Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2 or later.

In Windows Media Player, click Library, Media Sharing.

Select Share my media, OK. Windows Media Player will search for devices on your network.

Click your console, then click Allow. If you want to apply more options, click Settings. When done, click OK.

On your Xbox 360 console, in the Media area of the Xbox Dashboard, select Music, Pictures, or Video.

If your PC's content is not displayed, press X and select your PC.

Še več pa tukaj vir: http://www.xbox.com/en-us/support/systemuse/xbox360/digitalmedia/pc.htm

2. How do I clear my HDD Cache?

Some people report issues with slow hard drives and/or very little space remaining therefore look for options such as deleting videos, demo and music that is stored on the Xbox and no longer used.

There is also the option to remove system cache this contains items such as game updates and general hard drive cache, This can work wonders on bringing back the response time of the hard drive during reading and writing.

Please note:- The process will delete any game updates therefore when you insert the disc and are signed into Xbox live the update will need to be re-downloaded for each game inserted but will only update ONCE.

If you wish to perform this procedure on your Xbox 360, Then scroll to the System Blade and choose Memory, Once in the Memory Menu highlight the Hard Drive and press Y, X, X, LB, RB, X, X


You will then be presented with a message displaying “Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?” Select “Yes” and the process will be performed.

3. Open NAT Xbox360

Step 1: Get your Xbox 360's IP address from the system blade and choose network settings. Then edit settings should show your Xbox's IP.

Step 2: Go into your routers configuration window thru Internet Explorer. In the address bar type in your routers IP address. It should be default at or When you're prompted for a password you have found it =P. If you haven't changed it the username and password should both be admin, and admin.

Step 3: USING DMZ When you enter into your router config window, you need to find the Tab DMZ, it should be under applications and gaming if you are using Linksys. Once you find the DMZ tab, click enable and type in the last digits of your XBOX into the box below. Yes when you do this you are opening all the ports on your Xbox, which is insecure, but show me someone that has hacked into an xbox 360?


Step 4:Using Port Fowarding After you have enabled DMZ, find the Port Fowarding tab, should be under advanced routing. For the name type in XBL or whatever you want, and for port range put 87 to 89, choose UDP, then your XBOX last digits, and enable. Then do 3073 to 3075 choose TCP, then your XBOX last digits, and enable. Then again do 3073 to 3075 choose UDP, then your XBOX last digits, and enable.


Step 5:Using UPnP This is just incase. Go into UPnP fowarding and enter in the same stuff you did for Step 4.


Step 6: Now logout of your router config. Unplug your router and modem from the power, then plug in the router 1st, wait 30 seconds. Then plug in the modem and wait at least 2 minutes. If you don't do these hard restarts it might not work!

Step 7: Restart your Xbox and go to the system blade, choose network settings, then test connection. This may take a bit, but when it gets down to NAT type it should say OPEN. If not, sorry. You can just undo all the settings we changed, you can just uncheck enabled on the port fowarding. or if you want to restore your router to the factory defaults just push the reset button on the back of it.

4. Xbox360 regijsko nezaščitene igre po domače REGION FREE

Tu je celotni seznam !!!


5.This item is not avaiable from your current location

En vodič kako se da zaobiti preverjanje IP, s katerim nam onemogoča M$ do določenih stvari na Xbox Liveu.

Se spomnite samo na GOW map pack 1 in 2 :annoyed:

Edin problem je tu, da moraš plačat 7€ za 1 mesec uporabe te storitve drugega ponudnika IPja.

Vodič v PDF formatu:http://www.lazygamer.co.za/wp-content/uploads/xploit.pdf

Če bo funkcionirali ...upam, da bo... se lahko zmenimo in si naredimo en KSi acount !!

edit: USPELO JE STVAR DELUJE :bowdown: :hyper:

Sem pa se registriral in plačal 7€ , nastavil povezavo na PCju kot je v zgornjem vodiču - xbox360 priključil na Prenosnik - pognal povezavo, šel na Live - Gears of War map pack 2 in ga končno uspel potegnit dol :) ,katerega sem že probal zlodat leto dni če ne več

Po 1 letu sem končno prišel do teh map :lol: Še zdaj neverjamem :rockbrow: imam GoW - MP2 aleluja Cela finta pri teh stvareh na Live-u je preverjane IP - s to povezavo preko Securenetics imam IP Address Location: Durham, D8 United Kingdom in ne več v Sloveniji. ;) :thumbup:

6.Modifikacija: Xbox 360 HDMI + Optika - brez vmesnika za 50€ !

Tukaj imate vodič za najcenejšo rešitev za HDMI in optični zvok preko priloženega kabla in s tem privarčujete 50€.

Vodič : http://www.konzole-slovenija.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2777

7. Reset your Xbox 360 video settings

Remember this one if you're in the habit of carrying your console to chum's houses and hooking it up to different displays. It can end up trying to output the wrong signal, so you can't see anything or get a flickering screen. Fortunately, there's a fairly simple fix if this happens. Remove any discs from the tray and turn the thing off. Then turn it on using a gamepad. As it boots, hold down the Y button, then hit and hold the right trigger. The video settings will reset to default, and you'll stop your sobbing.

8. Connect your Xbox 360 to two screens at once

If you've got one of the component/composite dual video cables – the one that comes in the box with most 360s – you can have your console display its gamey goodness on two TVs simultaneously. The trick is to flick the cable's switch to Standard Definition but hook up the composite (yellow) cable to one screen and the component (the red, green, blue) cables to another. It won't be high-def, but it could be handy if you're staging a mini LAN party and want to set up a display for bored spectators to point their eyes at.

9.Upgrading your 20GB Xbox 360 hard drive to 120GB without buying Microsoft's overpriced add-on

This hack is designed to work with a specific drive, the 120GB Western Digital Scorpio, model number WDGWD1200BEVS. You'll be replacing the drive's native firmware with Xbox-recognized firmware....

Več pa tukaj : Nadgradnja iz 20gb na 120 gb

by: Dary in Travar ;)



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Top 10 things to do when you get the New Xbox Experience

The New Xbox Experience is in the process of being deployed to all Xbox LIVE members, but it will take a few hours for everyone to get the prompt to update to NXE….be patient! In the meantime I thought I would give my Top 10 list of things to do with NXE when you get it later today:

1) Create (or Customize) your Avatar

You can spend as much (or as little) time as you want in the Avatar Editor to personalize your little guy/girl

Bonus: When you are done with #1, be sure to take a Gamer Picture of your Avatar. In the Avatar editor, choose Gamer Picture. You can use the controls to move your avatar around, zoom in and out or even change the background color (press Y)

2) Explore the all new dashboard.

(hint: use the trigger and bumpers to quickly scroll up and down or left and right)


Check out Xbox LIVE Parties and chat with up to seven of your friends. Go to the Friends channel…choose a friend who is online and press Y to get the party started. You can also hit the Xbox 360 Guide button > Party >Start a Party. Once you do that, send off invites to your party (since one does not make a very good party…does it?)

4) Themes.

While any themes you work will NXE, check out some of the new themes via My Xbox and select your profile (second slot) and then change theme. Xbox 360, Spectrum, Day and Night are new themes that available as part of your NXE upgrade…check them out.

5) Marketplace on Xbox.com.

This new feature lets you search, browse, and purchase games and videos while you are away from your console. You can also perform account management functions like changing your billing information, viewing your purchase history, and downloading items you already own.

6) Netflix

Xbox LIVE Gold Member and you have Netflix? If you are in the US you can stream thousands of videos (some in HD) directly from Netflix to your Xbox 360. Not a member? Sign up for a free trial at Xbox.com/netflix

7) Install to / Play from Hard Drive.

With the game in the tray, return to your dashboard. (pressing the guide button then Y works as always) then go to My Xbox. From here press Y, which will bring up a new menu which will allow, among other things the ability to install a game to your hard drive.

Hint: You can still use the Xbox 360 guide while installing a game to keep in touch with your friends or start a Party.

Bonus: Before you do #7, be sure to set up what happens when you turn on your Xbox 360. My Xbox->System Settings>Console settings. Then choose Start up to to choose Disc, Xbox Dashboard or Windows Media Center. Once you are done there…check the option right below it: Autostart. This tell your Xbox 360 what to do when you insert a game. The choices are enable or disable. I have mine set to disable so I can easily use install to hard drive.

8) Delete Zero Gamerscore games.

You can remove any games from your games played list that you have earned no achievements or gamerscore. Press the Xbox 360– guide button, navigate left to the games section and choose Achievements. From here choose the game with zero gamerscore you want to remove and press X (Delete Game History.)

9) Press the Xbox 360 button on your controller to see the all new Guide.

The team has added more functionality than the old guide, while making it more responsive. It’s a quick way to check your messages, see who is online or start a party.

10) Take a look at Community Games in the Games Marketplace.

For the first time in the history of console gaming, thousands of games developed by the creative community will be available to the public.

vir:Major Nelson


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Menjava LED-ic na kontrolerju (Testirano deluje):

Če kdo ne razume naj uporabi google translate!

Supplies/Tools needed:

1. Phillips head screwdriver for wired controller.

- Security Torc T9 driver for wireless controller.

2. 0603 leds I recommend buying them from http://www.unique-leds.com"

They range from 24 cents to mid 30 cent range. Far cheaper then mod sites.

3. Soldering Iron + Solder.

4. A pair of tweezers. Optional, for getting the lcd into position for tacking.


Here is a picture of a single lcd. Notice these are

extremely small, and this mod is not for the faint of

heart, but hey your reading my tutorial no worries.


Now you will need to remove all the screws. There will be a hidden screw underneath the serial number. Its in the middle, feel around and you will locate it.

Once you have done this peel that controller apart and set the pcb down. Now look at the middle of the pcb, (green card, with lots of stuff on it) you will notice the small lights, there are four of them.

I will describe the process of floating these leds off and put up the link to a site that shows how its done in a nice neat little video. I tried to create my own, but was to difficult to do by myself.

First heat up the soldering iron, grab your solder, and place a little down on both sides of the led, now heat it up as fast as you can and push the led to the side with the iron when the solder is heated and it will peel off. This takes a little bit of effort, but after you complete one the rest will fall in short order.

Note full credit goes to our network affiliate llamma for this great video.


Now these next two photos, that show the polarity of the boards was taken by RDC at http://forums.xbox-scene.com

Wireless controller polarity


Wired controller polarity


The reason behind these pictures, is the fact that if you follow the other tutorials on the web, they are very confusing and half the time, don't offer a picture showing the polarity. With these its very easy, black is negative, and red is positive.

If you look on the bottom of your lcds, you will see either this -| or a triangle. Now the -| the line points towards negative, while the triangle's point is pointing towards negative. This is how you use the pictures in conjunction with the negative to lay down your lcd's.

I will be honest, I am really rusty with soldering. I've been soldering for years, but even the first laydown of an lcd gave me a bit of a problem. Here is a tip, lay out the lcd on top of the solder points. If a piece of the solder point is sticking up making it a bit difficult to lay down the lcd, go ahead and touch it with the soldering iron. Do this a few times and the solder will round out making this part of the installation process that much more easier.

Now that you have your first lcd ready to go, take your tweazers and push down firmly on the lcd. Take the soldering iron and touch either side of the lcd. This will solder the contact of the lcd to the solder.

Now after doing each one, you will want to check to ensure each lcd works. If you have a wired controller, plug it in and take the backing off the button's that contact the YXAB button's and lay it down. You will see two slots for the bottom lcds, thats the easiest way to tell if you are setting it down right, now press the the button in the center of the lcd's, and if your light glows up you know you have a good conection.

If you have a wireless controller, put the back plate back on and put the battery pack in, and do the same steps as you did above. If the lcd lights up great, if not, try adding a bit of solder to each of the joints, not to much. If still it does not light up, take off the lcd and start the process over.

Now do this for the rest of the lcd's, close the case up. Thats it, once you do a few controllers you will be so proficent at this, that you will not look at this tutorial, except for the polarity pictures.

Tips and tricks

1. Have a clean area with enough light to see what your doing.

2. Do not rush, take your time and ensure you do it right the first time.

3. When ordering the lcd's ensure you prepare for the worst, and snag a few extra.

4. If at any time you have problems, or questions, stop what your doing and hit the forums, or pm me, im on HQ quite a bit. Odds are you will catch me.

If you find this tutorial helpful, hit up the forums, and let me know.

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Dodajanje Molex priključka za Xbox 360:

Super zadeva npr. za dodajanje ventilatorjev ter neonk itd...

Priporočana orodja:

1. Spajkalnik in spajkalna žica

2. Molex priključek

Open the 360, then take the motherboard apart. Take out every screw on the bottom of the 360 cage. Pull out the motherboard and flip it so you can see the bottom side of the psu conneter.

Yellow on a molex is 12v, red is 5v, and the blacks are grounds. Tin the wire (add a little solder to them), and tin the connetors as well. Solder them sideways so that when you run the molex up and around the motherboard your solder joints dont flex and break. Plus makes it easier to get it past the fan.

Basicly use the photo for the 12v, 5v, and grounds.




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Kako odstraniti praske na X360 igri oz. DVD-ju

[youtube:3kywmtk5]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z537As9ehXo&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z537As9ehXo&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/youtube:3kywmtk5]

Amazing method to removing scratches from anything without paying for expensive products.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are using a toothPASTE and not a gel. Gel-type toothpastes will not work. Also make sure it isn't the type that has little bits of anything in it. Many manufacturers now like putting "breath crystals" or other little speckles of junk in their toothpastes that will defeat the purpose of this process. Just make sure the toothpaste is white, and has no specks of stuff in it, and it should work fine.

Why does this work? because toothpaste is an abrasive. When you smear it on the disc, it buffers the scratches out and resurfaces the entire CD along with all the scratches and blends it all in making the disc smooth. Therefor, the CD will look unscratched and the disc wont skip.

WARNING: In some rare cases, this method can worsen the condition of the CD. It barely happens but be aware that its possible.


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NXE podpis tukaj na forumu !

Pojdi v svoj profil tukaj na forumu in v podpis vstavi spodnjo kodo (vstavi tudi tvoj gamertag namesto -}/VSTAVI SVOJ GT] in boš imel tole kot podpis v profilu.


Imaš tudi druge podpise na MyGamerCard.net sam pazi na višino slike 100 pixels --} je maximum!!!

[url=http://profile.mygamercard.net/VSTAVI SVOJ GT][img]http://card.mygamercard.net/nxe/mini/VSTAVI SVOJ GT.jpg[/img][/url]



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