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Star Fox Command

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slabe novice straight from Japan

there will be no reviews even in next week's Famitsu.

the game has been mentioned that it will be out next week in the review column

but there are no reviewers to review the game

someone got the game today

1) you must use touchpen to control, no keypad control option as in Mario Basket

2) SF fans will be disappointed. SFCommand likes a simulation game more than a Shooting game

-> the plane flies in the map

-> meet enemies in the map and enter the battle mode

-> shoot down the enemies, mission complete and go back to the map (loop)

-> fulfil the requirement (numbers of the enemies shot down, finish the mission in certain rounds etc) and go to next stage



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Nebo WIFI :)

Seveda bo WiFi in podpiral bo da igra 6 igralcev na enkrat, lokalno se bodo pa lahko spopadlo do 8 igralcev hkrati. :beer:

Tudi kooperativni način bo za prek WiFi-ja. :beer:

Igra naj bi vsebovala nekaj čez 30 missij, do zdaj potrjeni karakterji pa so:











- :beer:

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še par vtisov in informacij iz GAF-a

Well it is Star Fox 2 reinvented. I don't know if the game is good or not, but we all know that Star Fox 2 was what Miyamoto, Eguchi, Yamada, and Cuthbert thought of where the Star Fox series should go. While one EAD team finished Star Fox 2, a second EAD team was already working on Star Fox 64. This new EAD team headed by Takao Shimizu (now producing Super Mario Galaxy) basically remade the original with some new ideas here and there.

Star Fox 2 was never released, and we received the new EAD Star Fox team's game instead of the original's sequel.

It is almosts as if Star Fox 64 was not supposed to happen. We were lucky to get it. The original creators envisioned a big change in the series that did not correspond with Star Fox 64's direction. (Outside of the multiplayer and landmaster)

have played a pre-release copy at a press event recently; the game is a mix between a free-roam level of starfox assault (the levels I have played were strictly on a ship, no other mean of transportation, but it was all in japanese so who knows) and the level planner of the Rainbow Six serie on the pc.

It works this way -- you have some targets to defend (e.g. mothership) and there are enemies that try to run around you and get to the targets on a map. If you let them do it, you are fission mailed. This is not in real time, but rather in turns; each turn you can draw a path that your fighters will fly without knowing which path will choose the enemy.

If one of your fighters path crosses, at any time, the path of one of the enemies, you leave the planning map and enter a free-roam arena where you must obliterate the enemy (you have to do it in a given time).

There may be turns in which the paths for your fighters do not cross with those of the enemy, and in those turns no battle will take place.

Again, it was a demo copy, all in japanese, so there may be far more details or game modes but they are all over my head. Hope it clears out some of your doubts.

Btw, it wasn't half bad, don't be a hater, just do not expect an on-rail shooter. With the WFC it could rock.



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Mam špil in je za zdaj kar dober. Pravzaprav odličen, kaj me je od sedaj motilo je malce prevelik sensitiviti.

Single player način: Prvo imaš mapo kjer se lahko lotiš sovražnikov v 2D načinu, ko se tudi oni vklučijo v bitko se vse spremeni v 3D način. VSe se igra s stylusom streljaš pa s tipko katero hočeš.

Multi player način: Ne gre najbolje, javi nek error, no ju3 je nov dan in mislim da bo ju3 delal, zato ker khm....

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Obrnil špil in res moram povedat nekaj !!!!

WTF...so delali da je špil tako kratek ? Pa sej ga sploh nisem nič praf igral pa sem obrnil...Mi je vseeeno kaj se potem še odklene in če so bol na tistem delali ...pa nej naredijo osnovno SP kanpanjo !

Ok ker je še kar dober wifi način igranja bi igri dal oceno od 10 maybe kakih 7 al pa celo 6...ja ne me kregat....kratka je...

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