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internetni brskalnik na XBOX360


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Nekje sem zasledil tale clanek in zdi se mi da je tole absolutno treba sprobati.

Through its Media Center Extender fucntionality, the Xbox 360 acts as dumb terminal to your Windows Media Center 2005 PC.

Aside from streaming video, it can also run additional programs and plugins, found in the "More Programs" heading on the Media Center main menu. Note that none of these programs are running directly on the Xbox- they are all running in some form on your PC. However, we can exploit this feature to run additional software(like web browsing) on the Xbox 360. Currently, there is no way to have mouse support using the 360 controller or media remote- however, the controller can be used as a keyboard.

To add an entry to the "More Programs" listing that will show up in Media Center on your Xbox:

1. Go to the directory C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Media Center\Media Center Programs

2. Create a new text file with the name of the program you want to run(For example Browser.txt)

3. Put the following line in your file:

<application url="url_here" name="name_here" />

If you want to do web browsing on your Xbox 360, you can simply enter a URL. To open a program, enter its exact path. For example:

<application url="http://www.google.com" name="Google" />

4. Change your file's extension from .txt to .mcl .

In Media Center on your 360, go to More Programs and select the file you just made.

Enjoy web browsing on your 360!

Nazalost nimam WMC :(


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