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Ne updejtajte Wiija na verzijo 4.2!


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Najnovejši Nintendov updejt Wiijevega firmware je očitno precej lolekovsko skup zmetan in obstaja velika verjetnost, da vam med updejtanjem brickne (= spremeni v opeko = pokvari) Wiija, ne glede na to, a imate modificiranega (hardwaresko ali softwaresko) ali ne. Če ste že updejtali, ste na varnem - zadeve se lahko zakomplicirajo le med updejtanjem.

Z NeoGAFa:

System Menu 4.2 seems to be bricking non-HBCed Wiis. It doesn't matter whether you've ever installed the Homebrew Channel or hacked your Wii, people who have never even heard of HBC are having these issues.

The problem appears to lie with an incredibly shoddily programmed update to boot2 of the Wii. boot2 is basically the area that "starts up" the Wii. According to the people who have developed HBC, the code for Nintendo's updated boot2 is prone to making write errors, therefore making the possibility of bricking your Wii extremely high, whether or not you have ever hacked or modified your Wii.

For this reason I've made this announcement, because it affects everyone who owns a Wii, not just people who like to fool around with modifying their hardware.

If you would like to discuss the issue on the forums, the Wii Homebrew thread is a good place to ask questions.

Note: If you have already successfully updated to System Menu 4.2, your Wii is safe. The danger is only during the updating process.

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Mam eno vprašanje...tisti k se bol spoznate na te stvari, nism updejtu wii, mam ga že dobr let, pa sm se odloču prek neta igrat en špil (MH3), pa zj nevem čist točn...a je potrebno updejtat wii za igranje preko neta?? Updejtu ga pa nebi ravno zaradi teh naštetih razlogov(brickanje). Hvala za odgovor.

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