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Ekskluzivno:Gears of War 3: Fenix Rising Map Pack


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Na XBL je prišel nov dolsnemljiv paket večigralskih map - Fenix Rising Map Pack, mali mehki zanj zahteva 800pik, v primeru, da ste predhodno kupili Gears of War 3 Season Pass nakup ni potreben, tako, da pazite, da ga ne kupite pomotoma še enkrat.


Imena map so: Academy, Anvil, Depths, The Slab in še prenovljena Escalation iz prvega dela serije GoW.


Pridelate lahko 250G(ramov)
Dodane so štiri nove "kožice" za MP: Recruit Clayton, Savage Marauder, Thrashball Cole in Savage Kantus.


Spisek novih dosežkov:

Now They Begin to Understand Complete all 12 waves of Beast on all Fenix Rising maps. 20G


Defending the Past Complete all 50 waves of Horde on any of the Fenix Rising maps. 25G


Come to Poppa! Win a Versus multiplayer match as a team of five Recruit Claytons (any mode). 15G


Locust, Forever! Win a Versus multiplayer match as a team of five Savage Marauders (any mode). 15G


Time to Re-up! Achieve level 100 and choose to re-up for another tour of duty. 50G

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Do aprila se bo nažigu Halo: reach, tako da ma Epic čas, da spaca nov UE(4) :crossfingers: , napiše online kodo, ki bo delala, ves ta čas pa nas bodo hypali z novostmi katere nam bo prinesel GoW3.

In končno se mi je izpolnila želja :hyper: Anya, Anya, Anya, Anya in še 1x Anya :love:


PSN: DoodlyDingDong

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Če mene vprašate zna tole bit totalna petarda(plus multiplayer).Če bodo končno vso zgodbo zategnl v temu delu in seveda nakazan preobrat,...nova taktika borbe z tentacle Locust-i ,.....upam na najbolš-čeprav nerad,ker pol znaš bit razočaran in ti špil ni niti tolk dobr potlej ,kt bi lahk bil(do sedaj še ne).Datum je še daleč ja....hm....če se je dal počakat RE5,pa zdajle Alan wake(k je res že pet let),je tole kr kmal glede na zahtevnost(vizualna) špila.Thumbs up!

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The teams at Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games have done great work thus far readying the title for release in the Spring of 2011. However, we've elected to move the launch of Gears of War 3 until Fall 2011 to make it the marquee title for the holiday season.

Executive producer Rod Fergusson also clarified that the delay isn't due to quality or development problems:

I know fans are going to be disappointed with the new release date, but rest assured that this is a business decision between partners, and not a quality issue. Gears 3 was on track to be the most polished Gears of War game ever when it released in April, and this additional time allows us to polish it that much more before it hits shelves next fall.


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If you're looking for more inside scoop on Epic Games' Gears of War 3, we suggest you pick up the latest issue of OXM. It's their cover story for the month of December.

The magazine teases the big reveal on the game's all-new multiplayer. It's also got a nasty cool cover art, so we're sure you wouldn't want your collection to miss out on that one. Tweeted OXM, "Our December issue should be hitting subscribers any day now! Big news on Gears 3 multiplayer in the issue and expect some big news coming down the pipeline for fans tomorrow!"

Hmmm... what could that big news be? Anyway, tomorrow is just one sleep away, so in the meantime, check out the Gears of War 3 cover for OXM.



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Mislim da bo tole eden izmed najboljših xbox špilov. V dvojki sem nad MP totalno obupal, se posebaj zaradi laga.

Vse kar so povedali za trojko je samo plus. To da bodo dedicated serverji, novi igralni načini(beast mode, TD), novi liki, nove krute usmrtitve, nova orožija, izboljšana grafika, dobre mape in spremebe na puškah(iron sight). Skratka komaj čakam na beto.

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