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Ekskluzivno:Team Meat (ne) razkrije omejitve velikosti na 3DSjevem eShopu


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V nedavni izdaji revije Nintendo Gamer so Team Meatovci (Super Meat Boy) razkrili, da je v nasprotju s pičlih 40 mb velikimi špili, kot je Nintendo postavil omejitev za Wiijevem eShopu, v 3DSjevi spletni trgovini ta povzdignjena na kar presenetljiva 2GB.


Ali pa mogoče ne, ker si določeni viri po svoje interpretirajo stvari. Zgornji limit eShopa očitno zaenkrat ni razkrit, največji špil (Mighty Switch Force) do sedaj pa obsega tam nekje okoli 202 MB (1617 blokov po 128 KB).

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Uuu, lep topic. :thumbup:

Sej, glede na to, da gre dejansko za povsem novo konzolo in ne le še en updejt DSja, bomo itak 3DS odprli svoj podforum, ko se bo bližal čas izida.

Jst še ne vem čisto, kaj nej si mislim. Po eni strani je 3DS popolnoma nabit s hudimi funkcijami: 3D ekran, cel 3DS je en velik wiimote, boljši networking, navdušenje in podpora bolj kot ne vseh velikih razvijalcev .. po drugi strani pa bo treba 3d efekt najprej videti v živo, grafično pa bo, pomoje, precej kmalu zastarel, ker se mi že sedaj ne zdi mnogo bolj napreden kot PSP. Da ne bi o tem, da je večina mobitelov že v teh časih zmožna lepše grafike .. sicer verjetno za precej več denarja, grenak priokus pa vseeno ostane.

Živi bili pa videli. :cool:

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Roko na srce, bom izjemno zadovoljen če bo grafika na nivoju Wii-ja, ker Nintendo tako ali tako ni nikoli preveč slovel po dobri grafiki. :)

Stvar bo še zanimiva, so pa celo govorice, da bo izšel že 20. novembra. Najprej so razvijalci Dragon Ball igre za 3DS najavili, da bo špil izšel 20. novembra(nevem zdaj točno ali so to izjavo umaknili ali ne), par dni nazaj pa je še nek vodja oddelka za 3DS dodatke izjavil prek Twitterja, da bodo dodatki na voljo 20. novembra. Njegov račun je bil isti dan izbrisan.

Eh, bomo vidli 29. septembra.

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Postam še sem iz novic:

Nintendo je danes uradno najavil, da bo naslednik DSja, Nintendo 3DS, na evropskih in ameriških tleh izšel marca naslednje leto, Japončki pa ga bodo dobili že 26. februarja. Na Japonskem bo cena zajetnih 25000 jenov ozr. malce manj kot 300$. Medtem ko evropske in ameriške cene še niso razkrili, se bo verjetno gibala med 250€ in 300€. V ceni bo vključena 2 GB SD kartica in stojalo/polnilec. Na voljo bo v dveh barvah: Aqua Blue in Cosmos Black.

Največje novo razkritje je 3DS Virtual Console, kjer bomo deležni Game Boy, Game Boy Color in morda celo Game Boy Advance naslovov. Na voljo bodo tudi t.i. "Classic Games": NES in SNES (in verjetno tudi z drugih konzol) naslovi v 3D.

Povezljivost bo poudarjena precej bolj kot pri DSju, saj bo 3DS v izključenem stanju lahko komuniciral z bližnjimi 3DSji in si izmenjeval podatke. Kamera bo omogočala "augmented reality" igre, že ob nakupu pa bodo priložene karte, ki bodo to funkcionalnost demonstrirale.

Video kompilacija 3DS naslovov:


Posnetek priloženih aplikacij in funkcij 3DSja:


Špili iz posnetka:

-Kid Icarus: Uprising

-Nintendogs & Cats

-Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (


-Resident Evil: Revelations (holy fuck kera grafika? :amazed:)

-Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

-Samurai Warriors Chronicles

-Dead Or Alive: Dimensions (


-Konami Baseball

-Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DS

-Super Paper Mario 3DS

-Pilotwings Resort (jeeeeeeeeeee)

-Mario Kart 3DS

-Chocobo Racing 3D

-Super Monkey Ball 3DS

-Ridge Racer

-Layton 5

-Starfox 64 3D

-Steel Diver

-Animal Crossing 3DS

-The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

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je pa vsaj japonski lineup precej ubijalski in se ne bi čudu, če bo zadeva razporodana v dnevu ali dveh

Evo mal vtisov iz NeoGAFa:

Just played SSFIV. It looked like all the characters were there, though the background scenes I saw for Historic Brewery and Exciting Street Scene were largely reduced in complexity from their console counterparts. Control was as expected, though reaching down to the d-pad was a bit of a stretch, making it a little awkward.

The 3D effect worked, though you do have to take care to find the right 3D slider strength and the best place to keep your head relative to the screen. Twitching too far throws it off. I didn't quite get the perfect setting yet, so it was a little "off" in my eyes.

The 3D effect definitely looks cool, but it's easy to screw up. If your settings aren't just right or the game pushes it too far, the illusion can be broken.

I just played DOA, and at some points the camera angle can be such that it gets into a fence or wall and it juts out right at you in double-vision. The 3D really adds a lot to story scenes with a lot of depth, but isn't as noticeable in more 2D-style scenes, short of backgrounds. The dial-a-combo feature is pretty neat and will be useful for beginners, but it's not very practical to be scrolling through a long combo list in the heat of battle while your opponent wails on you. It's more of a button-mashy thing.

As far as framerate goes, I didn't check SSFIV in-game, but switched back and forth on DOA and saw a bit of a change, as reported. The screen actually flickers a bit and seems to change brightness when transitioning between 2D and 3D.

After getting a bit lost trying to find the right door to open in Biohazard Revelations, I managed to take out all of the tubeworm-headed zombies, even finishing with a couple minutes to spare for another run.

This game handled 3D much better than DOA, with even the strongest 3D setting not being disconcerting. The strength definitely seems to be a per-game thing. There was no clipping through walls, with the camera getting properly guided around them.

In short, it looked very good.

That said, I've noticed myself slightly woozy after playing, something like getting up from a long movie or waking up in the morning. Again, it's important to get settings right and YMMV.

The Naked Sample was the same as E3, but this was my first chance to see it in person. Jonson got a lot of things right with the 3D, but I found myself having to forcibly focus my eyes when the bee suddenly popped out right in front of me. There was some inconsistency in terms of the camera surface; dust particles, bridge ropes, and flowers appeared visibly closer than mud that splattered on the camera.

Footage on display for Zelda, Pilotwings, Kid Icarus, and Steel Diver looked really good. My only complaint with Pilotwings and Icarus was that it seemed like there was way too much depth; 3D strength is not adjustable on the non-playable demos. When you're trying to look at specific things in the foreground and background at the same time, there was too much double-vision. It'd be hard to play like that.

Zelda and Steel Diver looked perfect.

Paper Mario and Mario Kart looked kind of ho-hum, and still need work.

Star Fox looks very well-done, even if virtually identical to the N64 version.

I just asked a Nintendo staff member whether the 3DS will be region-locked or not. While she stressed that there was no customer support offered for foreign games, importing wasn't recommended, and there may be technical problems that arise when attempting to do so, playback ability could not be guaranteed. When I pressed to see if that was on a per-publisher or per-title basis, she dodged by saying that such details couldn't be revealed until launch.

So, it sounded to me like compatability may vary, but it's at your own risk. Then again, it could be completely locked, completely region-free, or a mess like 360. No clear answer yet.

Kid Icarus is a bitch to play for lefties like myself. I wanted to try with my right thumb, but the attendant wouldn't let me. Maybe it'd control better, or maybe the input fidelity won't support it? Perhaps the original thumb nub is the best option.

Anyways, I jacked it to hard right off the bat and was punished while inverting the Y input for flight stick control and adjusting to the control scheme.

The game looks amazing, and should be one to watch. I'll just have to take a nub to an in-store display before committing.

Face Shooting was kind of cute. You have to line up your eyes and mouth with the marks on the screen using the front-facing camera, which is kind of tricky, then look up at the lens before pressing A to take the shot. My own face then growled at me before flying in around me, posing as targets to shoot down. The main modes of attack appear to be breaking through the wall in front of you to fling debris your way, and kissing. Yeah, cute. If there's no physical wall, you get holes in mid-air.

Face Shooting is built into the firmware.

The 3D camera was kinda neat, seemed aimed at teenage girls who are big on photobooths. It simply takes two photos from the external cameras, and adjusting the 3D strength changes the image in no way but toggling with 2D, which displays only the right eye's image. The face merge feature seems to cut-and-paste the taker's picture onto the head of the subject, no morphing involved. It has a few different modes like adding special effects, pinhole, low lighting, and a "mystery" mode. It seems like a neat little distraction. Perhaps we'll start seeing more photography hobbyists take some interesting pictures.

Okay, I take back what I said about Pilotwings earlier. Having had a chance to adjust the 3D strength and actually play it, Pilotwings is officially bad ass. Double vision is not an issue as I'd feared, given the right setting. I got to try missions for the jet pack, hang glider, and biplane. In each of them, you're given a course to fly through with target rings or platforms as appropriate. My favorite was the jet pak, as it most directly fulfills the dream of personal flight.

Pilotwings is the most applicable use of 3D I've seen so far.

Steel Diver was a neat little game. I was able to play in navigation and periscope modes. In navigation mode, you have a sideways view of your sub and its surrounding environment, and work the levers to propel your sub forward or backward, to submerge or dive. Torpedoes can be fired horizontally or vertically. It's fairly by-the-numbers. Periscope mode, however, uses the gyro function to have you turn your whole body with the system to rotate the periscope, just as with a real one. Then it's a matter of timing you torpedo shots ahead of the targets depending on their speed and distance. As far as 3D goes, it didn't come into play so much, but video footage showed a stormy ocean churning up some tall waves, which looked very nice in 3D.

So, Zelda had 3 areas available: Kokiri Forest, Inside the Deku Tree, and the boss fight with Gohma. The 3D was very well done and the graphics were rather impressive for being an up-rezzed N64 port with new textures and models. There's not much to say about it, as we've all played Ocarina of Time several times before.

In the last few moments before the event closed for the day, I did manage to get in a quick round of Winning Eleven 3DSoccer. The perspectives of the field were wide-ranging and seemed to be set based on the circumstances of the given play, providing some nice angles on the action. When the ball was airborne, you could tell right where it was in the air relative to the field and the players. Soccer isn't my cup of tea, but fans should be well-served.



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Nič več miljavžent friend kod za multiplayer, hoozah!

Ever try to do multiplayer on a DS game? We're really sorry to hear that. It's a mess of lengthy friend codes that does more to discourage online play than enable it. That's going away with the 3DS. At Nintendo's 3DS press event in New York the company announced a new system where there's only a single code, assigned per-console and registered only once. You'll have a single group of friends and, when they pop online in a new game, you'll see them there. No need for multiple multiple lists and, we hope, less of a need for Tylenol.
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V bistvu je evropska cena okoli 260€ na Amazonu in ostalih večjih spletnih trgovinah, vsaj če preračunaš iz funtov. Sem našel nekje za 231€ oz. 199 funtov, tako da če kdo hoče prednaročiti, zdj mate šanso. Bi tud jaz, vendar si morm zrihtat kreditno kartico najprej. Link : http://www.shopto.net/DS/VIDEO%20GAMES/3DSHW01-Nintendo%203DS%20Cosmos%20Black%20Console.html

Bom v kratkem updejtal temo z slikami/videi in novimi informacijami.

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