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Jap, včeraj zvečer okoli desete tudi meni ni šlo povezat, tako da sem danes zjutraj sprobal.

Igranje je podobno kot v Bad company 2, ampak še bolj neizprosno. Rushanje takoj odpade oz. nima perspektive. Potrebno je skupinsko delo in pa taktika. Zaradi izjemno veliko detajlov je težko opaziti nasprotnike. Veliko vlogo igrata tudi počep in plazenje po tleh. Zvok je tako kot v prejšnjih delih noro dober! :cheerful:

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Battlefield 3 beta hacked to support 128 players


The Battlefield 3 beta is currently seeing well over 100,000 players spread out across numerous game servers, all officially running the Operation Metro map with the Rush mode, with support of up to 32 players.

Unofficially, however, several servers have been popping up with the conquest version of Operation Metro, which supports up to 64 players. Not only that, some game servers have already been hacked to support up to 128 players — we’ve tested out Operation Metro on conquest with 64 and 128 players, and can confirm their existence, albeit, the 128 player server lagged considerably.

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Prvi popravki, ki bodo inkorporirani v končni verziji:

(Not a complete list – for up to date news, visit the News section in Battlelog)

* Fixed occasional client crash when reviving.

* Fixed killcam showing glitched area under map if your killer is dead.

* Issue with spawning on dead squad mates fixed.

* Fixed a bug where shooting at a moving enemy could cause more than the intended amount of damage.

* Crosshairs for shotguns have been replaced with a new, thinner, art.

* A subtle low health screen effect has been added.

* Tweaked scores of Medals and Service Stars.

* Tweaked the Rank progression.

* Pushing prone on console will not play the animation twice.

* Fixed loss of Squad Leader after EOR at some times.

* Framerate stability fixes.

* The 3D spotting icons has been tweaked to better match the target’s visibility. Icons will show frequently less on mostly obscured targets.

* Fixed issue with crosshair disappearing after round transition.

* Fixed issue with crosshair disappearing after trying to deploy while the countdown timer still active.

* Squad list now shows specializations chosen, VOIP activity and dead squad mates.

* Non working options in squad menu fixed: "Private" flag and "Switch Teams".

Battlefield 3 Open Beta Update #1

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Kako razvijalci opravičujejo nakup online pass-a za tiste, ki kupijo rabljeno igro:

Battlefield 3 online pass confirmed

If you buy a used copy of Battlefield 3, you'll need to purchase an online pass to access the game's multiplayer features.

The confirmation comes from the Twitter feed DICE designer lan Kertz (via MP1st) who was asked by a follower, "do you need to buy a new battlefield 3 to play xbox live?"

His response? "You can also purchase an online pass for a used copy."

When asked by another follower to justify the system, Kertz replied, "Because servers cost money, and used games don't make developers any money."

"The whole idea is that we're paying for servers and if you create a new account there is a big process on how that is being handled in the backend," he explained.

"We would rather have you buy a new game than a used game because buying a used game is only a cost to us; we don't get a single dime from a used game, but we still need to create server space and everything for you.

"We want people to at least pay us something to create this because we're paying for it. It was actually a loss for us to have new players. Hopefully people understand why. It's not to punish people. To us it's compensation."

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Zanimivo tole glede X360 verzije:

If you still don't know it by now, the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 will come with an optional install in the game's second disc - and if you're the type who doesn't want to clog up your hard disk with game data, you're going to want to read further.

It's already known the game will ship in two discs for the Xbox 360, one disc will hold the campaign and co-op missions; while the second disc will house the game's multiplayer and optional "high-res" install.

I know the term is a tad confusing and that's why we're lucky that DICE producer Patrick Bach has shed some insight to what this install will do exactly.

There's nothing magic about it. It's the same thing we do for PC and PS3, so there's nothing extra. I think the controversy about this is that we actually let you do it on 360 for once. So what it does is it gives you the same abilities, kind of, as the PC and PS3. You can actually stream information from the hard drive.

Bach also adds that the optional install does make noticeable difference in the game.

It does make a difference, yes, absolutely. The whole engine is based around streaming textures, streaming terrain and a lot of other content. The thing with the 360 is that you need to be able to give consumers a game where you don't have to install it on a hard drive, because there are 360s without a hard drive. So we need to give you the option of installing it, rather than just demanding it. You could call it a 'standard-def' version for the 360 if you don't have a hard-drive.

Sadly, Bach didn't know exactly how much space the optional install will occupy in your hard-drive. It's also worth noting again that the PS3 will also come with an install but it will be a mandatory one as most PS3 games do.

Are you happy that DICE thought of the Xbox 360 users interested in the game without a hard disk or should have they made it mandatory to prevent people from complaining? Also, anyone you know planning on playing BF3 on the 360 without a hard disk and will this make you buy a separate hard disk just for the game?

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