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Xenoblade Chronicles


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Xenoblade Chronicles will have an action-based battle system where normal attacks will happen automatically at intervals, similar to the set up in Final Fantasy XII. However everything else is done manually, including movement of the character the player is using, which plays an integral role into Shulk's special attacks. Special attacks recharge separately when used and are set by the player on a "battle palette" at the bottom of the screen.[10] The game will also have the "Visions" system, where the player can see glimpses of the future, and try to react or prevent it from happening.

The game is known to have a number of features labeled as "Time Saving Support Features". For instance, while the game will have a day and night time cycle, players can "wind the clock" to the time they want to go to, rather than just letting time elapse. Additionally, while the game is about exploration, many warp points will be added to aid in traversing the land. The game will also sport a "save anywhere" feature, a feature relatively rare among the console RPG genre.

Another of the game's systems is the "bonds system", in which characters can partake in many optional sidequests with non-player characters. Completing such quests can alter perception of the character in the towns, and open up additional story sequences.

The game will also have extensive customization, such as being able to change the character's outfits, and having those changes be seen in battle, field, and even event scenes.



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Baje je mali hit na Wii-ju in se dobro prodaja...


It may have only launched last week but Nintendo’s epic action RPG Xenoblade Chronicles has already become something of a sensation, earning itself some outstanding review scores as well as unprecedented sales.


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  • admins

Ja, tale špil je baje čist hud in dobiva tudi povsod same dobre ocene. Na Gamerankings je trenutno na 92%.

Kaj je tragično? Da je ta špil zame predolg, da bi se ga lotil. Če tako rekoč tečeš skozi celoten špil, ti to baje vzame 60 do 70 ur (!). Če si ga vzameš v izi, verjetno x2, če ne še več. Kje imam toliko časa in volje za en špil, pismu?

Še najbolj mi je žal zaradi glasbe, ki je fenomenalna ..


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