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Ekskluzivno:Crytek: Wii U vsaj tako močen kot Xbox 360


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Crytekov šefe, Cevat Yerli, je za CVG povedal, da je po njihovih izkušnjah z Wii Ujem le-ta strojno vsaj tako sposoben kot Xbox 360. Medtem ko sam Crytek zaradi preusmeritve v Free-2-play model za Wii U nima v razvoju nobenega naslova, njihov CryEngine 3 na Wii U uporablja neimenovan drug studio:

"It doesn't mean that CryEngine 3 doesn't run on Wii U - it actually runs beautifully. In fact, there actually is a game in development from a respected developer that we will be announcing. I've seen the game running and it looks really great."

Yerli estimated that the Wii U hardware is "minimum on par with the current generation."

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IGN-jev anonimni vir pravi, da naj bi bil Wii 2 kompatibilen z igrami prejšnje generacije, konzola pa občutno močnejša od X360 in PS3. Kar težko verjeti, da bi šel Nintendo po teh stopinjah, ampak kot vedno, živi bili in videli. :D Marsikaj se lahko zgodi.

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no ja vsaj HD bo

Another year, another chance for Nintendo to deliver what it's alternately denied and teased since day one -- a successor to the Nintendo Wii capable of displaying games in high resolution. Will Nintendo finally make it happen? Multiple totally anonymous sources say yes: they told Game Informer, IGN and Kotaku that just such a system will debut at E3 2011 in June, possibly with a teaser of some sort next month. While the ninja moles didn't provide many hard details -- mostly just the typical iffy claim that the system will wipe the floor with competitors in terms of speeds and feeds -- they told IGN that it will support 1080p resolutions and be backwards-compatible with games for the Wii. Naturally, we'll believe it when we see it... so here's hoping we see it fairly quickly.
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Fingers crossed. :crossfingers:

Že samo HD resolucije bi bile meni dosti, ker že emulirani špili na Dolphinu v HD resolucijah izgledajo supa-dupa, če bo pa obenem še spodobno močna kištica, pa še toliko boljše. Me pa zanima, kaj bo tokrat Nintendova občutna prednost pred konkurenco .. Wii je imel kontroler, 3DS ima ekran, Wii2 pa .. ? Upam, da kaj, da ne bo šel Nintendo spet po GCjevi poti.

Pa jao, že čez dva meseca je spet E3. Jebemtiš leti čas.

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What's most exciting about the Wii successor however is its all-new controller, which industry sources have indicated is not simply an upgraded Wii Remote, and will even feature a built-in HD screen.

Our sources did not specify whether or not the controller displays will feature any other functionality, such as that of the DS's touch screen, but it's easy to imagine the sort of innovation an extra screen could bring to Wii 2 games.

"Nintendo's plans sound unreal," one source said. "Publishers are already planning launch titles and it's all very exciting.

"The hardware is even more powerful than current HD consoles and backwards compatible with Wii. The controller will be all-new and has a HD screen on it."

What the ..

Additional sources informed IGN the screen has touch capability.


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Do uradne potrditve naj bi prišlo v roku enega meseca, tako pravijo pri IGN. Joj, kakšno leto. :D

Me pa zanima, kaj bo tokrat Nintendova občutna prednost pred konkurenco .. Wii je imel kontroler, 3DS ima ekran, Wii2 pa .. ? Upam, da kaj, da ne bo šel Nintendo spet po GCjevi poti.

Hologrami. :lol:

Glede ekrana na kontrolerju, o tem sem razmišljal že pri zdajšnjem Wii-ju. Tudi, če ni ravno ekran z visoko ločljivostjo, bolj važno je, da ima touch podporo, kar bi bilo zelo uporabno v špilih.

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Vendar tu smo zopet postavljeni pred dejstvo, da precej razvijalcev potenciala konzole ne bo znalo izkoristit(pomislimo malo na Visual Memory Card pri Dreamcastu). Drugače pa ja...verjetno želijo izpopolnit idejo, ki so jo imeli z GBA link kablom za GC. Upajmo samo na dobro podporo zunanjih razvijalcev, da konzola ne bo zopet nadomestek družinskih družabnih iger.


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New Nintendo controller allows players to stream entire games to the device from the console - like a miniature television.

35 minutes ago via web

Dual analog sticks on the controller. Can stream game content from the console. Not sure if it'll be full games, mini-games, or apps.

about 3 hours ago via web

There will be first and third party "Wii 2" games at E3. No clue if they'll be playable.

about 3 hours ago via web


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Ubisoft studios have had development kits “for months”, motion-sensing “better than Move”; announcement at E3?

Sources have this morning confirmed reports that Nintendo has a successor to the Wii in the works, telling us that thirdparty studios including those of Ubisoft, Activision and Electronic Arts have had development units of the new hardware for months.

They have also claimed that the system retains motion control, with capabilities that are “better than Move”, meaning that they boast higher fidelity. We do not yet have word on whether or not its motion-controlled solution introduces a camera.


The site [from the specs post below] also concurs that the controller is a touch tablet, with moderate , sub-HD graphic output with a single-touch 6-inch screen, a front camera which acts as a Wii sensor bar, two d-pads, two bumpers, and possibly more than two triggers.


Wii 2 is 'Project Café', says report - tech specs, controller details claimed

Friday 15-Apr-2011 3:01 PM New console to be 'a bit more powerful than 360'

As if you haven't had enough today, the latest Wii 2 rumour report has emerged - and it's a big one, claiming tech specs and controller details for the not-so-secret-anymore Nintendo console.

French site 01net, which previously released the NGP specs long before any official announcement, has backed up widespread claims that Nintendo will reveal its next console at E3 this year.

It's also backed up CVG's scoop that the console's controller will feature a built-in high-resolution screen.

According to the latest report, 'Wii 2' is being internally referred to as 'Project Café', and sports architecture similar to that of the Xbox 360, "but a bit more powerful".

It says the console will include a custom IBM PowerPC CPU with three cores, a GPU from the ATI R700 family with a shader unit at version 4.1, and at least 512Mb of RAM.

This would of course make HD console ports very easy for developers, but 'Project Café' will also include backwards compatibility with both the Wii (including all peripherals) and GameCube games, it's said.

The controller has a six-inch touch screen, a front-facing camera, D-Pad, two bumpers, two triggers and "possibly more," and can allegedly be used as a Wii sensor bar.

Late 2012 is the release date, and another "big surprise" about the console is set to be revealed at E3, the report concludes.

As always consider this a strong rumour for now, but it's a good source indeed.


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The report also says that the console will include a custom IBM PowerPC CPU with three cores, a GPU from the ATI R700 family with a shader unit at version 4.1, and at least 512Mb of RAM.

The controller will have a six-inch touchscreen, a front facing camera, directional pad, two bumpers, two triggers and possibly even more. The controller, allegedly, can also be used as a Wii sensor bar.

Mi pride naprej kot da je IBM uporabil izkušnje, ki jih je pridobil, ko je delal procesor za MS in še posebej za PS3, ni mi pa jasno zakaj vedno tako šparajo pri RAMu.


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No, mogoče vseeno ni taka beštija ..

Update 10 is the problem. CVG is writing that the french site confirms GPU and Ram and lists specs. The reality is the french site says:

RAM: unknown. It would be logical that it is a unified RAM, like the 360, with a minimum of 512 MB

GPU: Graphics processor: AMD (ATI) - probably a series R700, with a shader (for managing the effects) more recent than the Xbox 360 (probably version 4.1).

CVG takes speculation and is reporting it as fact. We really have no clue of any specs

Popravki/dejansko znano:


- 6" touchscreen, not HD, not multitouch

- D-Pad, L, R, two triggers, others

- 'Front-facing camera'

- A sensor roughly analagous to the Wii sensor bar is incorporated in the controller - i.e. some kind of IR beacons/transmitters. Purpose isn't clear.


- Custom triple-core PowerPC

- AMD/ATI GPU. 'Probably' derived from R700 series.

- RAM unknown

- Developer quotes: graphics capabilities "roughly equal to those of the Xbox 360", performance "over the Xbox 360, but just a notch"


- One other 'huge surprise' about the system

Taken from:



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Pobrano z NeoGAFa:

IGN just reported that Project Cafe is currently named Stream and will be out either fall 2011 or March 2012. Design will vaguely resemble a modernized SNES and be similar in size to Xbox 360. The price could be $349 or $399.


Some of this has been rumored by others as well.

This is particularly interesting because the name stream adds credence to the earlier leaked images which used the term Screen Stream when describing the controller.



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To sem že videl na Kotaku, več kot očiten fejk. :lol:

Še en koncept kontrolerja.


• - GPU Wii 2's GPU will be a modified version of AMD's R700 architecture.

• - CPU The CPU will be a custom-designed triple-core version of the IBM PowerPC chipset.

• - Visuals Project Cafe will run in 1080p, and may be able to utilize Stereoscopic 3D, though it hasn't been confirmed as a feature.

• - Size & Design The console will be around the same size as the first-gen Xbox 360, and may be designed to look like a futuristic looking Super Nintendo.

• - Price Say goodbye to Nintendo having the "budget" console: Project Cafe may cost between 350 and 400 dollars.

• - Release Date Supposedly, the Cafe itself could be ready to ship from the manufacturer to retailers as soon as mid-to-late October, but in order to give developers more time with the new hardware, Nintendo may not launch the console until early 2012.

Seveda nič od tega ni uradno potrjeno.

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-Tentative release date of June 2012.

-Controller screen resolution of 800x500.

-Can play games, watch movies, and more without turning on the TV by just streaming them to the controllers. Can stream to multiple controllers at once.

-Each controller acts a terminal, with the console doing all of the calculations to reduce latency, controller cost, and bandwidth requirements.

Hot damn?

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