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Star Wars: The Old Republic

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E3 2015 napovednik:


EA has announced that Star Wars The Old Republic will get an expansion titled Knights of the Fallen Empire which will release on October 27. This expansion will be free for subscribers and it tells a story about two brothers and the struggle they have with their father.

EA has promised that the story will be told in a more Bioware style based on the feedback they have received from the community.

Dodatek bo izšel 27. oktobra letos.

uredil/a japanboy
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Še nekaj podrobnosti:

BioWare has announced a heavily story-focused expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic called Knights of the Fallen Empire. It's coming 27th October, it raises the level cap to 65, and it will be free to anyone who chooses to subscribe to the free-to-play MMO.

Knights of the Fallen Empire also includes the option to create a character at level 60 - a character boost. Existing Class story arcs will be enhanced, ie. sped up, and existing Flashpoints and Operations (dungeons and raids) will be buffed so they remain endgame content.

There's a reward programme kicking into gear that rewards you for subscribing between now and expansion launch. Rewards include companions, guns, coats, bikes and early expansion access. Full details on the game's website.

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