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Ekskluzivno:Sony je tudi uradno najavil novi tanjši PS3


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Uradna najava novega PS3[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]




Available from 28 September 2012, the new PS3 system comes with a whopping 500GB of storage and will be closely followed by a wallet-friendly 12GB version. So whether you're after instant access to memorable, fun-packed evenings with the family, or want to load up your system with tons of fantastic entertainment, we've got the right PS3 for you.


The new console offers you the flexibility to tailor your PS3 experience to suit your needs: start off with the 12GB model and then ramp up the capacity by connecting a dedicated 250GB Hard Disk Drive. This is just one of the great peripherals that will be released at the same time alongside a range of other essential accessories such as a vertical stand that offers more flexibility in how the new PS3 can be displayed.


Povezava še USA blog





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PSN Top Sellers: September 2011 Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of a new monthly post that will reveal, for the first time, the top-selling PlayStation Network games each month. We hope you find this information valuable, and that it gives you some new perspective on popular PSN games that you may have missed. If you’re looking for the most-downloaded movies and TV shows on the PlayStation Video Store, you can find that information here.


Clearly the April 2011 release of Mortal Kombat left PS3 owners wanting more, as the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection earned the top slot in September. Newcomers Resident Evil 4 HD, From Dust, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Burnout Crash! and Renegade Ops also made strong showings this month. The original PSone Resident Evil games also proved quite popular — and no, this list does not include PlayStation Plus members who downloaded the games for free.

1. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection: This eagerly awaited collection of hit arcade fighters Mortal Kombat, MKII, and MK3 soars to the top of the September PSN sales chart. Finish him!

2. Resident Evil 4

3. From Dust

4. Angry Birds

5. Resident Evil 2

6. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

7. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

8. Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition: This fighting classic and PSN PLAY inductee cracked the top ten in its second month of availability. Check out PlayStation Store for a host of new DLC options, too.

9. Limbo

10. Final Fantasy VII: This PSone RPG classic shows some remarkable staying power, hanging in the top 10 despite launching on the PlayStation Store more than two years ago. No Phoenix Down needed here!

11. Resident Evil Director’s Cut

12. Parasite Eve II

13. Burnout Crash!

14. Elemental Monster Online Card Game

15. Breath of Fire IV

16. Saints Row 2: At 7 GB, this open-world crime epic is the largest game on this month’s download list. And at $20, it makes a fine chance to catch up before November’s Saints Row The Third.

17. Renegade Ops

18. Call of Duty Classic

19. Castle Crashers

20. Battlefield 1943

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We don't quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing.


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Sony Raises the PlayStation Network Trophy Cap

Level 50 is no longer the ceiling on PSN.

In early September, we reported that the PlayStation Network level cap has been reached by a PS3 account known as Hakoom. The level cap was 50 (1%), and it seemed that Sony didn't have any intention of letting PS3 users go any higher for the time being.

But Hakoom reached out to us here at IGN to let us know that the cap had indeed been lifted. After verifying the information on the PlayStation Network for ourselves, we're ready to report that Level 50 (1%) is no longer the absolute height of what PS3 gamers could reach.

Hakoom is now at Level 55 (42%), with 15,662 total Trophies earned. That includes 296 Platinum Trophies. However, the user duck360 is still king, sitting at Level 56 (84%), with 15,868 Trophies and 319 Platinum Trophies. Whether or not there is a new cap remains to be seen, although one of these two dueling Trophy Hunters are bound to answer that question for themselves one day soon.

Hakoom reaching LVL 50 on PS3 (1st user to max psn level)


Govorice o PS4:

Sony studios 'begin PlayStation 4 projects'

But PS3, Vita and Move games will remain the major focus for years

We don't quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing.


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Sony Patent Reveals Biometric PS3 Controller And Handheld

Way back at E3 2009, Nintendo announced the Wii Vitality Sensor, an accessory players would clip on their fingers to feed biometric data (specifically the blood-oxygen saturation level of your index finger) into a video game. Plans for the Vitality Sensor have been put on ice since the device has difficulty performing with consistent results.

Perhaps, Sony will get the jump on biometric controls? A patent application reveals their possible plans for a biometric controller and handheld with specifications similar to the upcoming PlayStation Vita.

image_thumb.png image_thumb1.png image_thumb2.png

The patent also has design schematics for a biometric DualShock3 controller and PlayStation Move style wand.

image_thumb3.png image_thumb4.png

Sony’s proposed devices will measure three biometric factors: galvanic skin resistance, electrocardio data, and electro-muscular data or in plain English – how moist your skin is, your heart rhythm, and muscle movements. All of this information will be sent into a video game by simply holding a controller or handheld. How are games going to use this? Sony has a list of ideas in the patent application.

  • Weapons that change depending on how stressed you are. An increase in stress level could make a weapon more accurate or less steady, which will make it difficult to target an enemy. Sony specifically mentions a sniper situation where the weapon becomes more steady if you’re relaxed.
  • Tensing up your muscles to withstand an attack or charge up a shield.
  • A video game character whose facial expressions, movements, posture, and even voice changes depending on your biometric data. For example, this character will sweat when a player is nervous.
  • An adrenaline style boost which will let you run faster, jump higher, and punch harder when stressed.
  • A health bar that depletes more rapidly if you have a high stress level.
  • An attack button that changes a character’s move depending if the player is stressed or relaxed.
  • Background music and scenery that changes depending on your stress level. Matching music is one example, but Sony also proposes to change music to make a player more relaxed. Brightness of objects and the zoom level, representing a higher level of focus, are two ideas for scenery.
  • A game that adapts difficulty levels depending on a players stress level.

We don't quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing.


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Mam še eno vprašanje glede ps3. Vglavnem hočem na ps3 naložit ene slike iz usb ključka. In ko ga priklopim na ps3 grem pod kategorijo slike. Kaže mi sicer, da je najdena strojna oprema, ampak ko kliknem, da bi prenesu slike mi napiše, da slik ni bilo najdenih na tem usb, čeprov so. Tako, da bi prosil če kdo ve kaj je problem.Hvala za odgovore že v naprej.



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Tole bom na malo na pamet... če pritisneš trikotnik imaš potem možnost Display all in ti pokaže vse datotekw, seveda ti če imaš izbrano v XMB Pictures ne bo predvajal filmov in obratno, če imaš Movie ne po kazal slik, javi, da je neznan format.

Drugače pa je najboljeimeti zunanje medije organizirane po mapah:


Movie ali je pa Video ? nisem 100%


Za slike naj bi bila struktura takale


Če vklopiš Display all pa izgleda tako


Edited by Bessie


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Tole zadevo dosti uporabljajo:



Če bi se jaz hotel s tem ukvarjati bi ziher nekaj takega vzel, res da je malo dražje, ampak HD rezultati zgledajo zelo dobro. So neke cenejše variante tudi, ko prek PCja nekak priklopiš. Samo po moje končna kvaliteta ni takšna kot pri Hauppage.

Kaj mogoče veš, če se tale stvarca da dobit tudi v slo. Ker zdej se zanimam, da bi si kej taga ubodu, pa ne najdem v slo trgovinah neč pametnega. Pa če maš ti kej več informacij glede tega, pa cene pa to.



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