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zastojnsko free igranje online xbox360,xbox!!!!!!!!!!


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zdravo no kot sm ze par tem visje prej omenil bom tole zadevo prlepil sem zadeve nisem se probal ker nisem se dobil ban na live oziroma se nevem nism se nc sel dons na live zato pa lahko drugi sprobate zadevo in porocate kako se vam zdi :thumbup:

Requirements :

1: DSL or Cable

2:PC must be plugged into router (will not work if it's wireless)

3:Xbox/Xbox360 console (both xbox can be wireless)

Now Open You Internet Browser :

Goto :



then Sign Up:

after activating your Account....

go to download:

and download the software ......

Install the software ......!

then just Goto Start > Kai-Link

Enter Your Xtag and Password!

then click on the "World" at the top right

then click on Xbox360 .....

then the game type u wanna play..

There are 2 ways to Play:

1:Join Others and play by their rules

2:Make Your own room and your own rules!

and Play

Make Sure You Goto System Link

this way you can play online on Sony Playstation 2, PSP , xbox , Nintendo Gamecube ...... etc. also!

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