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Battlelog WP7


Windows phone 7 aplikacija za vse BF3 fane[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]




This application will show your battlefield 3 stats on your mobile Windows Phone.
This app gets data from the battlelog service itself and all the stats are thereby fully up to date!
In this release you can:
*Vehicle and weapon stats
*Watch your own basic stats in a nice UI.
*View the battlelog aswell as “Hooah!” your friends items.
*Take a look at your next unlocks (see how long it's left until you unlock your next fragging tool)
*View your assignments! (if you got B2K)
*Live Tile that shows the battlefeed on your start-screen
*Save local stats (so you can show of your KD even when there’s no network)
*Settings to change what and when to update.
*See your friends online status (online, offline, playing, on what server) and compare against them!


All this, and the app is completely FREE! :D
Features to come include: See awards/dogtags, detailed weapon stats, global stats comparison, dog tags and more!
Contact me using twitter (@iloabn) or with the “Contact Developer” button inside the app, have a very nice day! :)


This app is a fan-made creation and is not made by EA/DICE or any of there partners!


CHANGE LOG! Version 0.8
*Fixed a small login bug
*Minor translation changes
*Vehicle and weapon stats
*Minor UI bugs fixed
*Ability to add friends through the app
*Ability to compare against ANY player even if you're not friends
*Can now change language from within the settings menu
*App now caches all stats
*VIP status added (will be shown if you've helped with the app, if you think you should have the VIP status. Please email me and I'll see If I agree :)


Full changelog:







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uredil/a Bessie
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