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  1. David B. Thomas

    Video Game Consultant

    I am a digital entertainment consultant, and as such, consult on video games, hardware platforms, and online services for a variety of game companies. I work with a team. I entered the video game industry in 1996. I have worked with a variety of digital game companies as a video game consultant. I have been blogging about video games since 2001. Everyone in the gaming arena knows that walkthrough plays a critical role in making gamers aware of what to expect and what not to. And, playing a strategy game requires more than skills and patience. Sometimes, you need to have some hacks that make the play easy. I mainly focus on these two issues in my blog. I try to give my readers walkthroughs, tips and tricks about popular video games. I got my MBA from Chicago University, and currently, I live with my wife in Washington. I have two sons, and they are now on their 20s. Please read more

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