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Xbox live help... ICMP failed?

Gapi x3

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Hy koncno sm dobo nazaj moj 360 iz porpavila je celo bolj tih in loidingi so hitrejsi sam mam en problem. V tem casu sem zamenjal modem in mi zdaj ocitno ne gre gor. Vse teste nardim ko pa pride do ICMP testa pa falim. Mi lahk kdo kaj pomaga prosim?

ok zdaj ICMP test nardim tak da pridem do xbox live testa tam pa ponovno ne gre.

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Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

For a great experience, your router or gateway must properly handle a certain type of Internet traffic called ICMP port unreachable traffic. ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol. It’s not important that you know much about ICMP, but you should be sure your home gateway or router properly handles this kind of traffic.

How does ICMP traffic influence Xbox Live?

If your router does not handle ICMP traffic properly, you won’t be able to connect to Xbox Live.

How can I tell if my home network properly handles ICMP traffic?

With the latest update of the Xbox Dashboard, you can now determine whether your router or home gateway is handling ICMP traffic properly!

To see your ICMP test results in the Xbox Dashboard

Select Xbox Live to sign in to Xbox Live from the Xbox Dashboard.

From the Xbox Dashboard, select MAIN MENU.

From the MAIN MENU, select SETTINGS.

From the SETTINGS screen, select NETWORK SETTINGS.

From the NETWORK SETTINGS screen, select CONNECT.

The Connect Status screen will automatically begin testing your network connection. When the test is complete, you will see 4 green balls on your screen.

When the network test is complete, press the Y button on your controller. A drop-down diagnostic screen will appear containing W, X, Y and Z diagnostic codes.

With the diagnostic screen visible, select OK to see additional information.

Find IC: x, where x is your ICMP test result of either 0 or 1. 0 means your router or home gateway has failed the ICMP test and is not compatible with Xbox Live. 1 means your router or home gateway has passed the ICMP test, and you’re good to go for Xbox Live!

What if my device doesn’t properly handle ICMP traffic?

If the IC value is 0, the test failed and your device is not properly handling ICMP packets. Typically this is not a setting you can change, though you may be able to update your device’s firmware from the device manufacturer.

Zgleda je to nekaj z ruterjem, ali podpira ali ne, probaj tak nardit, kot gori piše pa to poglej.

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