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Fall update bricking lots of 360s


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Kot zgleda se dogaja napaka tudi na nemodanih konzolah.


Here it is, the Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update is waiting to be downloaded. All the rumors of detecting firmware or modded boxes or banning thousands of people ... all leads to the update. So, what's going on with it? Nobody really knows right now except for Microsoft. But, judging from community responses, we have observed the following:

There may in fact be a bug with the update as far as anybody knows. Remember, this update added HD-DVD support to the system, which, being another DVD drive, could be the culprit of some problems.

Some people are getting E66 errors after updating. This has been happening on both unmodded and modded Xbox 360 systems, so it does not necessarily mean that they are "going after" firmware modders. But, the interesting details are from the people with hacked drives:

Hitachi - Not affected at all, no E66 systems reported

Samsung MS25 - a very small amount of people are getting E66 after updating. Reflashing with multiple versions of firmwares in a "trial and error" fashion seems to finally fix the problem. Most people who upgrade with the 4.1 or later firmware have not run into problems.

Samsung MS28 - this is the majority of E66 errors. People with an MS28 drive are recommended to update the firmware to a 4.1 or later revision to avoid the E66 errors. MS28 drives flashed with 4.0 or lower will probably get the E66 error.

In the even that you do the update and your Xbox 360 is now showing that E66, the problem can be fixed by reflashing with an updated firmware and manually hex-editing the key into the MS28 firmware. Once reflashed, the system no longer gives an E66 and can play both originals and backups fine, even on Xbox Live.


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More Fall Update Problems E71 - MS Annnounces Fix Coming in 12-24h

>> Well it looks like not only some Xbox360s with modified firmwares get an error message after the Fall 2006 update (read our full news coverage about the issue / Help out the E66 database here - thx), but more and more news comes up from non-modified consoles failing to reboot after the update.

Like some of our members reported on this forum thread brand-new or just-refurbished (not modified obviously) systems seem to give an ERROR 71 if you update them on first boot. So if you just bought an Xbox360 we suggest you don't upgrade your dashboard now. Some theories suggest the E71 problem is caused because many new Xbox360s consoles don't have the Spring 2006 loaded yet and apparently updating them directly to the Fall 2006 seems to fail ...

But, it seems like Microsoft is aware of the issue too, here's what they just published:

We're hearing from a small number of customers (less than 1%) that are having issues with the Fall Console Update. I've been told that the team should have an updated version in the next 12-24 hours. We'll let you know when the issue is resolved.

If you are having problems with the update for any reason, please call Xbox Support (1-800-4-MY-XBOX in the US and Canada). We're working with those affected to get them back up and running, and we're committed to making sure the update doesn't cause problems for anyone else.

Would be nice if MS released a bit more information about the issue, but well ... that's all we got for now.

My best guess is that MS is talking about the E71 issue in the above statement and that the E66 issue is a compatibility problems between some Toshiba-Samsung drives with some modified firmwares and the new Xbox360 OS/kernel and will thus not be fixed by MS obviously.

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